Access Royale

Alternative Rock | Indie Rock

"Access Royale are an alternative indie rock band from Washington DC. Formed from a mutual love of Radiohead, Vampire Weekend, Muse, and MGMT, the band discovered each other via local ads in early 2011, and soon found themselves flying west to LA to shoot their first music video, for their single Hide. The band demonstrates a masterful counterplay between Charles Maven (vocals and keyboards), Vee Styles (vocals and guitar) and Robzie Rhodes (drums) that’s reminiscent of the best of Pavement and Foo Fighters. Charles’s and Vee’s vocals cut a razor sharp path through epic walls of sound, distorted low-end grooves, and sweeping melodies that allow the musicians to showcase their expertise at moulding gorgeously atmospheric soundscapes, while vocal harmonies soar high above the music."





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