Black Masala

Gypsy | Brass Band | Funk

One of the hottest new bands to emerge from the Nation’s Capital is Black Masala, who are now releasing their self titled debut album. Pulsating Balkan rhythms blend with funky New Orleans horns, creating an original, soulful gypsy party. The vibe is infectious as the Tuba player roams the floor looking for dance partners, dancers on stage back bending to ska beats, while other bandmates are up on tables and chairs calling the crowd into the party!

In just over a year’s time, Black Masala have been hitting the road, bringing the sweaty dance party to the East Coast and playing frequently in the Washington, DC area. All of these great shows are the inspiration for this album, which captures the live sound and feel of the shows.

The 7-track album represents Black Masala's coming out party to the world! Each member adds their own influence to the mix with vocal duties shared by Mike Ounallah and Kristen Long. The fiery horns are Matt Hotez, Kirsten Warfield, and Frank Mitchell Jr. of Thievery Corporation fame. The Tuba low end is none other than Monty Montgomery and the rhythm section is rounded out by Duff Davis on Guitar, Yannick LePage on Accordion, and Mike Ounallah on Drums.

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Saturday, Aug 09, 2014 | 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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