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The Bob Lanza Blues Band is a tight knit blues unit in true Chicago/Kansas City style.

With some Texas influences and a north New Jersey environment to grow up in, Lanza has become known as one of the nastiest blues guitarist on the scene. Lanza has been around and has played with a lot of local blues bands. He was bandleader for Floyd Phillips and The Mudflaps for four years in the late 90’s into late 2001 when Floyd passed away. Lanza has also backed “Superharp” James Cotton on several occasions and was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 2012. 

Sandy Joren on Bass is from Leary, Georgia where he grew up in a band with his momma and daddy. When Sandy was old enough he struck out on his own with his band “Crystal”. Playing all over Florida during the Disco era, Crystal played to the masses with funk and disco. In 1991 he met Bob when he filled in on bass. He has been there ever since. 

Schooled by the harmonica master James Cotton, Snakeman brings charisma and energy to the group's performance. The perfect fit to Bob's guitar, they play off of one another as if they have been doing it for a long time. Snakeman has played with the bands Hotsauc” and The Michael Packer Blues Band. The Plainfield, NJ native adds just the right amount of “grease” to the recipe that makes up the sound of the band. 

 If you see this band live, you’ll come away exhausted, if not from dancing, just the shear power and emotion of the band's performance.

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