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Crushed Out is an explosive hit of surf-garage momentum and rock & roll from Brooklyn, NY consisting of Frank Hoier on guitar and vocals and Moselle Spiller on drums. After four national tours and a well-received EP, 2010's Show Pony, the couple, formerly known as Boom Chick, have released Want to Give, on Nov.6, 2012 on their own Cool Clear Water imprint. Want to Give is a pure guitar/drum adrenalin rush - plenty of fuzz, tremolo, riffs, chunky chords, slide and Black Sabbath power chords. The songs are tight and lean; no fat, no studio fairy dust.

Recorded both at Brooklyn's Bunker Studio as well as at Crushed Out's own analog studio in a rural New Hampshire barn, the tracks were all self-produced and mixed by John Davis. The bulk of Want to Give was created during Charles Shaw-fueled jam sessions at the duo's practice space in Red Hook, Brooklyn in 2011. Moselle was working as a freelance graphic artist and Frank taught guitar lessons. At night, they'd jam in their industrial space in Red Hook's Ohm Acoustics speaker factory. Deciding to escape NYC rents, they moved their gear up to Moselle's childhood town in rural Effingham, NH, where they set up their own 16-track recording studio in the old barn on the property. Lacking a home base, they finished the songs on the road, writing lyrics to their many instrumentals and songs that had manifested organically through those late-night Brooklyn jam sessions. Four of their "barn demos" ended up on Want to Give. The other six were recorded over three days at Brooklyn's Bunker Studio.

Standout tracks include "Black & Purple," a true song about Frank's mother getting dressed down for listening to a Black Sabbath record when she was a teenager; the vocals manages to reference Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers (as well as the Ravonettes, who have a similar musical aesthetic). "Temper Tantrum" is an explosive rocker dealing with anger and its effects. "Adults can be more childish than children," Frank says.  "Anger is selfish, funny, always silly and sometimes scary and the song tries to capture that. It's a soft-to-loud surf-punk explosion, with a powerful build up to the chorus." The title track, "Want To Give," is a swinging, double-kick drum track with Frank's powerful, high tenor vocals and lyrics that reflect the band's open, positive attitude.

Crushed Out formed as Boom Chick in September 2009. Southern California native Frank came out of the skate punk scene and learned his way around a recording studio (as well as his wariness of record labels) from his father, a musician who was in the first white band signed to Motown Records. Moselle grew up in New Hampshire and is a former junior Olympic downhill skier who later studied graphic design. She produces all of Crushed Out's distinctive artwork, videos, posters and merchandise and makes a lot of her own stage clothes. Moselle's ability to learn to drum - she decided to play the drums and three months later the two were playing Brooklyn loft gigs - was a highly discussed topic in early interviews. Now an accomplished drummer with four national tours under her belt, she is the thunderous beat in the band, with Frank taking on lead vocals, even while shredding on lead guitar.

Along with early features in NYC publications (Village Voice, New York Post), Crushed Out's early supporters included So-Cal skate bible Thrasher Magazine and Element Skateboards, who used several of the band's Show Pony EP songs in their skateboard videos. Their song "Ghost of Bo Diddley" (as Boom Chick) was also featured in ESPN's X series, The Kids.

Want to Give explodes out of the speakers, delivering on the promise of Crushed Out's EP and live shows. It's a testament to Frank and Moselle's ecstatic love for early American rock & roll, surf guitar and country
blues -- what Bob Dylan called the "atomic era" of rock & roll.

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