John Stevens' Doubleshot


John Stevens' Doubleshot formed together in January 1995. A young and energetic band releasing their first cassette "Doubleshot Preview" in March 1995. Then in 1996 the band released their first full recording "Come On Let's Dance" on cassette & compact disc. This recording opened many doors for the band. 

Not only is John Stevens' Doubleshot a polka band but they can mix up the music to fit any occasion. John Stevens' Doubleshot has had the chance to perform at such festivals as: Pillar Polkabration (CT), Pulaski's Big Polka Celebration (WI), Polka Spree By The Sea (NJ), The Bethlehem Musikfest (PA), Polka Fireworks (PA), Polkamotion By The Ocean (MD), Posen Potato Festival(MI), IPA FESTIVAL (IL), Blocktoberfest(DC), The Cedar Polka Fest (MI) and Kinde Polka Fest (MI). 
In 2003 the band made the Top 20 list of "BEST NEW SONGS" from 247POLKAHEAVEN.COM at #17 with "GONNA HAVE A PARTY". Then in 2005 they made the list again at #9 for the song "BACK TO THE SEA". Also in 2005 the band made the Top 10 from WPNA RADIO (Oak Park,IL) AT #7 for the song "BACK TO THE SEA". 

The band has been on numerous Television shows including: Pennsylvania Polka (WVIA TV), The Jolly Joe Timmer Show (RCN CABLE), & The Bethlehem Musikfest (Service Electric Cable) .

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