Tumbling Bones

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The twenty-somethings who make up Tumbling Bones play a mix of old-time country and old-fashioned blues that belies their relative youth. But their folk music is no museum piece. It is living, breathing music infused with a little of the contemporary rock ‘n’ roll the band members were reared on and reworked into their original arrangements and compositions. The last half decade has taken them from street-performing on European street corners to venues across the continental United States to an acclaimed performance on NPR’s A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor. The band’s debut EP Risk Not Your Soul (2011) reached the top ten on the Roots Music Report’s folk radio chart. They are currently coming off of a busy summer and fall that began with the release of their second record Schemes in May of 2012 and was followed by tours of the mid-west, east coast, and Ireland. This September they headed up to Mike Merenda’s (The Mammals, Mike & Ruthy) cabin studio in upstate New York to record the single “Golden Gates of Heaven,” by fellow young New York City songwriter Feral Foster. This uptempo ballad is a poignant culmination of Tumbling Bones’ influences and direction: country with an urban twist, traditional yet current.


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