We As Human

Christian Rock

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With two radio hits in the UK and the hit single “Dead Man” climbing up the Christian rock charts, We As Human have proven that an independent band from Northern Idaho can still make noise without a big label fueling the fire.

The release of their EP Burning Satellites, produced by Grammy and Dove award-winning producer Travis Wyrick (P.O.D., Disciple, and Pillar), shows that We As Human pulls no punches when it comes to speaking the truth and getting their point across to the listener. Hard-hitting topics saturate this collection of songs, ranging from false prophets to dying to oneself and even touching on abortion from the child’s perspective.

In regards to the messages penned within the lyrics, lead vocalist Justin Cordle states, “When people put in a We As Human album I want it to challenge their thinking, challenge their mentality a bit…because if you can get people thinking, they’ll do the rest. They’ll make up their minds; they’ll make the choice, right or wrong. It says to simply present the gospel, to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. What I would hope people take away is a whole lot of things to think about. And what they do with those thoughts, emotions and feelings is completely up to them.”

With a highly anticipated tour with The Wedding and six festivals already booked for 2009, We As Human is looking forward to bringing their message and self-efficient rock show to the people.


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