Virtual 5K Leaderboard

Final Update: 8/17

Holy cow, what a “run” it was! A ginormous thank you to all our participants. Even bigger thanks to all y’all who took the time to submit your stats, you’re the real “heroes” of this “run.”

Your final stats are posted below. The creativity and respect for the honor system you displayed was one of the true highlights of Virtual Musikfest 2020.

“Best” Times So Far

Since this whole thing is built around the honor system, we are presenting these times exactly how you submitted them. We’d say no judgement, but some of ’em… It’s like… wow, y’all.

Congrats to the Under 30 Minutes Club:

  • Kevin Happ – 20:19
  • Joshua Malek – 21:20
  • Emily Reightler: 23:04
  • Greg Goletz – 23:22
  • Chris Luck – 23:33
  • Paul Hummel – 26:01
  • Jimmy Talianek – 26:02
  • Sarah Keppel – 26:08
  • Gregory Haldaman – 26:09
  • Mary Harnett – 26:09
  • Christopher Ryan – 26:16
  • Lynn Olanoff – 26:35
  • Patrick Jones – 26:56
  • Brian Conley – 27:12
  • Caitlin Moll – 27:28
  • Angela Henry – 27:33
  • Michael Rusnock – 27:50
  • Donna Grillo – 28:22
  • Tara Michael – 28:24
  • Denise Continenza – 28:31
  • Michael Banas – 28:36
  • Rebecca Daly – 28:47
  • Billy Rodgers – 28:49
  • Lauren Borrell – 29:00
  • Matthew Nesto – 29:15
  • Lily Rodgers – 29:19
  • Jennifer Cunningham – 29:22
  • Robert Self – 29:25
  • Patti White – 29:26
  • Tarah Cicero – 29:28
  • Teena Renfrow – 29:28
  • Arthur Girard – 29:33
  • Shannon Taby – 29:40
  • Kristen Smith – 29:53
Congrats to the We’re Not Sure What to Make of You Club:

  • Dan Walsh completed his 5K in 5 days, 4 hours and 3.21 seconds
  • Jayne Snyder submitted a time of “Three days so far,” so she’s still going?
  • Will Lewis ran “slower than a turtle in peanut butter”
  • Rebecca Shoemaker took one minute, running up and down 2 flights of stairs whilst chasing a dog

Post Run Meal Stats

Kermit Burlet had some Heidi’s Strudel after he ran, which is very on brand for a Musikfest 5K.

Lisa Regan’s post-run meal was a homemade Pop Tart which we think is fancy AF! Unless she means she heated it up at home, which if that’s the case, COME ON LISA, GET IT TOGETHER!

Michael Tulio had Raisin Bran and peanut butter, we assume for the protein and to stay regular.

Heather Horvath destroyed an entire basket of fish and chips because she is the hero that we deserve.

Gregory Haldaman housed some Chicken Tikka Masala, which is next level delicious.

Sarah Keppel allegedly ate 18 Peeps after the run and (presumably) had a belly ache for days.

Matthew Blum ate “all the watermelon.” There is no ore watermelon, sorry everyone. Matthew ruined it for the rest of us.

Most Wildlife Seen Whilst Running

Lauren Borell captures the crown! She saw 12 rabbits, 2 squirrels, 1 skunk, and 7 birds.

Tammy Cohen saw a doggo that really wanted to be her friend, which counts as a win in our book.

Dallas Young saw “literally no signs of life anywhere,” which he claims made it the “Best 5K ever.”

Paul Schaffer submitted a bunch of cars that have animal names, which was a nice try, but it didn’t fool anyone.

The Highly Competitive Best “Make Up Your Own Award Category

The Winner of Best Made Up Category is…

  • Most Spotted Lantern Flies Swallowed During 1 Run

Not only is it gross, it’s 1) helping us defeat the infestation 2) a free source of protein(?).

Congrats to Alicia Stillman for making this truly revolting category! We’ll be in touch, because you’ve won a pair of tickets to a Musikfest 2021 show!


Honorable Mention:

  • Most Unanswered Waves From Cyclists/Other Runners/Walkers
  • Highest Humidity
  • Most Brands Worn
  • Cried the Most
  • Largest Sweat Stain
  • Most Boring Route Run
  • Most Winces Due to Arthritic Knees
  • Best Playlist
  • Earliest Start Time
  • Gassiest Runner
  • Best Water Break
  • My Spouse Forced Me to Participate
  • Stinkiest Run
  • Most Podcast Episodes Completed
  • Most Mosquito Bites
  • Best Face Mask


  • and everyone’s favorite… “not sure.” Good job on that one.