Adam Weiner of Low Cut Connie


Philadelphia, PA | (Rock)

Alternating between raucous rock ‘n’ roll ecstasy and gritty, stripped-down vulnerability, “PRIVATE LIVES” is Low Cut Connie’s most potent and wide-ranging work to date, a complicated, sprawling double-album that’s at once beautiful and sloppy, brilliant and sordid, pissed off and joyous. Exploring the schisms between our inward and outward-facing selves, the 17-track collection is as empathetic as it is ambitious, giving voice to the losers and loners and outcasts who live their lives beyond the spotlight without glory or credit. “I see more clearly now than ever before what my calling is,” explains front man, Adam Weiner. “I’m here to write and sing for the underdogs, for everybody who’s not part of that shiny, sexy 1%.”