Audrey Nuna


New York City | (R&B/Soul)

Korean-American R&B artist, Audrey began her musical career touring across the United States performing the national anthem at sporting arenas. Fast forward to Audrey signing with Arista Records after taking a gap year from NYU’s Clive Davis Institute. Her positive and fearless approach to her music is contagious and spreading like wildfire. She started the year strong with the release of “Soufflé” followed by “Time” and “Paper” – all of which are genre-bending tracks, sporting razor sharp lyricism and visuals with a fierce aesthetic. The 20-year-old, New Jersey-native is creating a fresh and edgy lane, adding new value to the current state of music. Hher latest single, “Comic Sans” features a verse from rapper Jack Harlow and has been streamed over 250k times in the first month since its release.