Hot Glass Mug Making Competition

At Musikfest 2023, Aug. 4-13, competitors will work with one assistant during a 90-minute time slot to complete an original work of art in the theme of the “Musikfest Mug”.

The artist with the most votes wins a $2000 prize pack. Voting will being Aug.13 and end Aug. 17.

In 1984, the first Musikfest Mug was not a mug at all, but instead a small cup and pitcher. The design evolved over the years to the colorful 24 ounce insulated mug that we recognize today, each year celebrating the spirit of Bethlehem and Musikfest with dynamic artwork.

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Hannah Shine – Friday, August 4

Bloody Mary Beerstein
In this piece I wanted to share a glimpse into some of my more recent jobs which include bartending and vegetable farming. I came up with the idea for this piece while harvesting tomatoes, I thought it only fitting to showcase my love of the juicy, red veggie. No Bloody Mary is complete without a crunchy celery stalk of course. Enjoy!

James Labold – Saturday, August 5

“The Bethlehem Boot Scoot”

The glass boot drinking glass or “bierstiefel” is a type of trick drinking glass whose murky origins supposedly date back to an unknown Prussian general. Popular in German Oktoberfest celebrations and eventually imported to US German immigrant communities and their celebrations as well. My glass boot combines the traditional “bierstiegel” with the all American cowboy boot with some Musikfest flair thrown in for good measure. Fun fact- depending on how you drink from the boot it may just end up dumping beer all over you! Good luck!

Michele D’Amico – Sunday, August 6

Barbie is an icon of the ages, so why not a mug competition? Pink is beautiful!

Liam Klein – Monday, August 7

I’ve always found the ocean incredibly relaxing, from the coolness of the water to the sound of the waves. Not only that, but it’s right there and yet we know more about galaxies millions of miles away than we know about it’s depths. What’s not to love?–

“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin

Lorraine Wolf – Tuesday, August 8

The “Vine Stein” by Lorraine Wolf
The “Vine Stein” will make you feel like a genius
as you imbibe either beer or wine.
The colors of the mug were chosen to reflect
the greens of vines growing along with the rose shades
of flowers or grapes.

Andrew Dougherty – Wednesday, August 9

As I walked through the festival , the music danced in my ears. Sounds of guitar ,drums ,and ,horns of all kinds. My brain melted at thought of what mug to make, but while being surrounded by beer steins. I could hear a sound that vibrated my imagination and clarified my thoughts , it was the saxophone. While emerged in beautiful sounds and vibrations I drew up the design for the “Saxy Stein” a saxophone inspired beer stein.

Laurie Rudich – Thursday, August 10

My name is Laurie Rudich and I’ve been working with hot glass for 10+ years and going to Musikfest for way longer than that! My piece was inspired by nature in the Lehigh Valley, particularly the Lehigh River. My mug is called “Rocky”. The highlight of this design is the formation of glass “river rocks” that form the handle and base. I used a variety of different reactive colors and even some “glow in the dark” blue that makes Rocky super special. Hope you enjoy and vote for ROCKY!!!

Lois Volyn – Friday, August 11

Cat Mug
“There are two means of of refuge from the miseries of life— music and cats”
Albert Schweitzer

The mysterious unpredictable kitty cat….
Will she act like she’s never seen me and run away?
Or will she love me, purr loudly and let me pet her while I listen to music and enjoy my drink? When she does, it’s pure joy!

Nikki Vitchner – Saturday, August 12

This mug is dedicated to a curious squirrel who appreciated the finer things in life. Jake walked into the shop one day and my boss started feeding him peanuts. He then quickly became a regular that visited multiple times a day. Sometimes, after a little coaxing, he would climb up onto us to grab his snacks or sit and watched us work while he munched.