Hot Glass Mug Making Competition

At Musikfest 2022, Aug. 4-14, ArtsQuest Glass Studio will hold its first furnace working competition. This year competitors will work with one assistant during a 90-minute time slot to complete an original work of art in the theme of the “Musikfest Mug”.  

In 1984, the first Musikfest Mug was not a mug at all, but instead a small cup and pitcher. The design evolved over the years to the colorful 24 ounce insulated mug that we recognize today, each year celebrating the spirit of Bethlehem and Musikfest with dynamic artwork.

Winner of 2022 Musikfest Hot Glass Mug Making Competition

Jeff Waterhouse - Sunday, August 7

Ice cream cone mug with Sahara/ tabacco cone, sliver blue handle and base. Mint green ice cream with large chocolate chunks and a cherry on top. -Jeff Waterhouse


Hannah Shine - Friday, August 5

For this piece I was inspired by traditional floral designs on German beer steins. I drew the design with hand pulled glass rods. -Hannah Shine

Andrew Kettering - Saturday, August 6

I created "The Mean Mug" out of sheer fun and hot glass. I wanted a functional object that would make you laugh and bring joy to its viewers. -Andrew Kettering

Nikki Vitchner - Monday, August 8

"The Townshend"

When I think of music I always go to rock and roll and how controversial it was. I was always inspired by rock and wanted to commemorate it in my mug with an electric blue guitar and amp. Pete Townshend was the first musician to destroy his guitar on stage after hitting his headstock on the ceiling. Instead of giving up, he decided to carry on with the show. Just like glass, sometimes things break; but you can either give up or you can continue to rock on and make the most of it.

Laurie Rudich - Tuesday, August 9

Inspiration for my entry in the 2022 Musikfest Mug Competition came from my many years of appreciating this unique Bethlehem party. My mug, affectionately named Corny, is meant to evoke all of the sparkling, bright, and beautiful evenings spent at Musikfest over decades of my life. And the Corny handle?? Well, that’s simply a direct homage to that Musikfest staple - the classic Pennsylvania ear of corn. I hope everyone enjoys Corny!! He was a blast to make!

Jeanne Joseph - Wednesday, August 10

“This idea behind this mug was to capture the playful movement of music notes dancing around the body of the mug. The black handle relates to the staff on which music itself is written. The separate music note is a playful and groovy accompaniment to the mug.”
-Jeanne Joseph

Michele D’Amico - Thursday, August 11

Conner McHugh - Friday, August 12

“This glass mug was based off of the traditional coffee mug. This mug is made of mostly clear glass, featuring white glass color wrapped abstractly around the vessel, capped with a an amber gold lip wrap.

The use of minimalism and the incorporation of the white/gold colorway were inspired by my interest in juxtaposing elements of an upper-class aesthetic onto a historically working-class object.

Much of this mug’s design aims at thermal insulation: the thick walls of the mug insulate the beverage to prevent it from cooling or warming quickly. The mug bottom is concave to reduce the thermal contact with the surface on which the mug is placed. Finally, the handle of a mug keeps the hand away from the hot sides of a mug.

This is the first mug I have made in 15 years.”
-Connor McHugh

James Labold - Saturday, August 13

My mug is embellished with a winged heart and showcases a wide array of decorative techniques, celebrating the uplifting power of music and the playful nature of hot glass.
- James Labold