Support Local Talent at Musikfest!

By Gabrielle Rhoads, ArtsQuest Marketing Intern / Photo: (Clockwise from top left) Fig For a Kiss, The SwingTime Dolls, Ruby Dear, Aneudy Puello and Alexandra La Reina De La Bachata

ArtsQuest books hundreds of local musicians throughout the year, and Musikfest is no exception! From local music and dance schools, to established performers and bands playing a wide variety of genres, we put together your ultimate guide to supporting local talent at the ‘fest! Below is an A-Z list all of our local performers for Musikfest 2019!

Acoustic Pursuit

Acoustic Pursuit forming in 2015 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is a Soulful/Alternative music group featuring Christian Lopez, Brianna Storm and David Ingrassia.

  • 8/5 @ 9pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz 
  • 8/8 @ 6:30pm, Provident Bank Main Street
  • 8/9 @ 5pm, Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz

Adam Web 

Music shaped with percussive guitar grooves, soulful vocals, and spiritually conscious sentiment. 

  • 8/3 @ 1pm, Hotel Bethlehem Platz
  • 8/10 @ 5pm, Hotel Bethlehem Platz 

Allegro Dance Studios LLC 

The dancers from Allegro Dance Studios in Emmaus, Pennsylvania are ecstatic to be performing at Musikfest, 2019!

  • 8/10 @ 12pm, IBEW 375 Volksplatz 

All the King’s Men: Jolly Joe Timmer Tribute 

Join Jolly Joe Timmer’s band based out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, pays tribute to the late polka artist at opening night of Musikfest.

  • 8/2 @ 7pm, Wells Fargo Festplatz 

American Religion

This duo draws inspiration from new-folk artists like Ray Lamontagne, Noah Gundersen, and The Lone Bellow, to bring to the stage a refreshing sound that is reminiscent of an older time.

  • 8/11 @ 3pm, Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz

Aneudy Puello 

Aneudy Puello began his artistic career in 2012 with the recording of the success of the bachatas songs, “La Tortolita.”

  • 8/10 @ 9pm, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical 8/10


NuRock Post-Prog Crunch Wave coming from the farthest reaches of the outer and inner universes, delivered by 5 dedicated souls to the music lovers of the Earth.

  • 8/4 @12pm, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical
  • 8/8 @ 8pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz 

Ben Tyler 

Ben Tyler’s pop-based melodies and emotionally-driven lyrics have landed him many opportunities, opening for national acts including Guster, Simple Plan, Tyler Hilton, Ludacris, and Collective Soul among others.

  • 8/4 @ 4pm, Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz
  • 8/10 @ 2pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz

Billy Bauer Band 

Fronted by singer-songwriter, Billy Bauer and accented by the other-worldly tones.

  • 8/3 @  9pm, Red Stag Liederplatz
  • 8/6 @ 7pm, Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz
  • 8/8 @ 8:30pm, Guardian Life Insurance Company of American Zinzenplatz

Caribbean Steel Rhythms 

The group is made up of players from the Caribbean and the Lehigh Valley. They are the only known steel drum band in the area, bringing a unique musical sound to the region. 

  • 8/7 @ 3pm, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical

Common Bond

Firmly rooted in classic rock, Common Bond offers an eclectic mix of the best music from the 70s to today.

  • 8/3 @ 9:30pm, PNC Series Musikfest Cafe 

Community Music School

CMS is a non-profit charitable organization which provides the inspiration and opportunity for anyone in their diverse community to achieve excellence in music education and appreciate the transformative power of music. 

  • 8/5 @ 1:30pm, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical

Copper Fields

Copper Fields band has powerful lyrics, a crisp and full sound and a blend of voices that rise in harmony with each song

  • 8/6 @ 3pm, Provident Bank Main Street
  • 8/11 @ 3pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz

Corinne Mammana Quartet

Praised by JazzTimes for “superb technique”, American jazz singer Corinne Mammana is passionate about preserving the music of the past while placing her own personal spin on the American Songbook.

  • 8/4 @ 1pm and 3pm, BB&T Jazz Cabaret Stage

Craig Thatcher Band

The Craig Thatcher Band has been entertaining audiences with their exciting brand of classic blues/rock and dance music, along with some noteworthy original material since 1993.

  • 8/10 @ 9pm, Air Products Americaplatz

Cunningham & Associates

Cunningham and Associates is a rhythm and blues, rock ‘n’ roll band led by former Bethlehem Mayor and Lehigh County Executive Don Cunningham on guitar and vocals

  • 8/5 @ 7:30pm, PNC Series Musikfest Cafe

Dave Fry

Dave Fry has been at the center of the Lehigh Valley folk music scene for fifty years, as a family music performer, adult soloist and performer with numerous bands

  • 8/2 @ 5:30 pm, Red Stag Liederplatz
  • 8/5 @ 7pm, Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz
  • 8/8 @ 12pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz

Dear Anna 

Formed in 2010, Dear Anna is a band who’s performances resonate with people of all generations, and who’s music blurs the lines of many genres. 

  • 8/5 @ 8pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz 
  • 8/5 @ 11pm, Highmark Blue Shield Community Stage

Dina Hall Band 

Alvarez Guitars Breakthrough Artist, Dina Hall is a powerhouse singer, guitarist, percussionist, songwriter and recording artist from Bethlehem, PA.

  • 8/2 @ 7pm, Red Stag Liederplatz

Dylan Michael 

Dylan Michael, whose main artistic focus is his band, Spiders Dressed in Red, released his solo EP Broken Tools, in March 2019

  • 8/5 @ 5pm, Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz
  • 8/10 @ 7pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz

East Coast Salsa Scene 

Lehigh Valley Salsa band!

  • 8/3 @ 6pm and 7:30pm, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical

Elysium Quartet 

From Classical to pop, string quartets, harpists, and guitar players, the Elysium Quartet offers an impressive repertoire played by versatile and accomplished musicians.

  • 8/8 @ 5pm, Provident Bank Main Street

Entertainer Tommy Zito 

You really can’t put Tommy in a category of music as he performs a very wide variety of genre. You just have to come, relax, enjoy and see for yourself.

  • 8/6 @ 5:30pm, PNC Series Musikfest Cafe

Fig for a Kiss 

Fig for a Kiss is a Lehigh Valley based acoustic, Irish folk band with a unique blend of Celtic and contemporary influences.

  • 8/3 @ 1:30pm, IBEW 375 Volksplatz
  • 8/6 @ 9:30pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz

Flowers for Taco 

The addition of Sebastian Rivera as dual lead vocalist with Brandon Schlichting brings hot new blood and takes Flowers for Taco higher with high energy shows.

  • 8/9 @ 8pm, Wells Fargo Festplatz

Friar’s Point Band 

Friar’s Point Band was formed in 2006 and quickly became one of The Leigh Valley’s top blues-rock acts. Known for its musicianship and originality, Friar’s Point has represented The Lehigh Valley at The International Blues Challenge in Memphis Tennessee, three times.

  • 8/5 @ 5pm, Red Stag Liederplatz

Fusion Jazz Trio 

Fusion Jazz Trio (FJT) has been a staple in the Lehigh Valley for almost 17 years. This trio blends bold percussion, funky and innovative bass lines, and electrifying keyboard

  • 8/3 @ 1pm and 3 pm, BB&T Jazz Cabaret Stage

Gene Perla Quartet 

Tony award-winning Lehigh University and New School professor Gene Perla and his jazz quartet

  • 8/3 @ 5:30pm, BB&T Jazz Cabaret Stage 

GT3-Jazz Standards 

George Torrella formed GT3 in 2013 specializing in Jazz Standards. Today the band has averaged more than 100 performances annually at local restaurants, hotels, and private events.

  • 8/5 @ 5pm, Hotel Bethlehem Platz
  • 8/10 @ 1pm, Hotel Bethlehem Platz
  • 8/11 @ 1pm and 3pm, BB&T Jazz Cabaret Stage

HALA – Hispanic American League of Artists 

HALA is focused on mentoring and developing youth, showcasing the richness of Latino culture, and building bridges of understanding in the community.

  • 8/10 @ 7pm, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical

Hector Rosado ORQ Ache

Hector Rosado, an accomplished percussionist, has toured with the best in the business. He has traveled nationwide, as well as world tours with music titans such as David Burne, Dave Valentine and the legendary Tito Puente.

  • 8/11 @ 8pm, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical

Herencia Jibara 

Herencia Jibara is an energetic, fun, and diverse Latin band

  • 8/11 @ 12pm and 1:30, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical 
  • 8/11 @ 5pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz

Island Time 

Formed in the Summer of 2002, Island Time has evolved over the years into a 6-piece group that has gained in popularity.

  • 8/7 @ 6pm, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical

James Supra / Sarah Ayers Band 

This award winning, high energy, blues rock band fronted by James Supra and Sarah Ayers was voted best blues rock band four years in a row at 2019 Lehigh Valley Music Awards.

  • 8/9 @ 9pm, Red Stag Liederplatz

JD & su Grupo En Secuencia 

  • 8/11 @ 3pm, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical 

Jeff Crosson Acoustics

Jeff has been playing guitar as long as he can remember, and prides himself on his powerful vocals and vast array of creative covers that span from country to rock.

  • 8/8 @ 7pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz
  • 8/10 @ 7pm, Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz

Jimmy Farrell

Jimmy Farrell has been playing Irish folk music in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas for over 30 years. His early influences came from American folk and country music artists, along with the Irish music.

  • 8/6 @ 5pm, Red Stag Liederplatz
  • 8/8 @ 2pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz

Joe Wagner Jazz Trio

Fans of the guitar, upright bass and drums will be delighted, as the players in this trio are veterans of the jazz world. 

  • 8/2 @ 7pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz
  • 8/4 @ 5:30pm, BB&T Jazz Cabaret Stage

John Hufford

John released his first EP entitled, Person in 2014 and most recently released a second EP, Sleep in 2017. John strives to speak to the reality of our world, while offering a delicate hideaway from its clamorousness.

  • 8/7 @ 2pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz 8/7
  • 8/7 @ 5pm, Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz 8/7

Jon Fadem

Jon Fadem has been playing guitar since he was 13, and studied music at Oberlin College and Conservatory.

  • 8/9 @ 9pm, Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz


Keystone focuses on the rich musical legacy of Jerry Garcia–particularly the more funk, jazz and soul-influenced music that he made during his lifetime

  • 8/10 @ 4:30pm, Guardian Life Insurance Company of American Zinzenplatz 

Kübler and Ross 

After taking a thirty-year sabbatical, Musikfest will be the first performance of the “Kübler and Ross: Together Again For The First Time Farewell Tour.”

  • 8/11 @ 3pm, Provident Bank Main Street

La MEGA Radio Showcase

A showcase hosted by La MEGA radio station with a line up of your favorite Latin acts!

  • 8/2 @ 8:30 pm, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical

Laura Purfield 

Lehigh Valley based Laura Purfield is a singer-songwriter from a small village in Ireland called Julianstown. She has been in America for the last 6 years teaching and playing music.

  • 8/8 @ 5pm, Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz

Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts 

A pop/jazz vocal summer camp sponsored by The Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts.

  • 8/6 @ 12pm, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical

Lehigh Valley Music Teacher Association 

Affiliation with the state PMTA and national MTNA organizations enables teachers to take advantage of member collaboration and networking, student performances in recitals, auditions and master classes and more!

  • 8/5 @ 5:30, PNC Series Musikfest Cafe

Los Pleneros de USA 

Los Pleneros de USA is an eight-piece band from Allentown, PA who plays salsa plena merengue.

  • 8/2 @ 6:30, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical

Lou Franco Project

The Lou Franco Project has been wowing audiences in the Lehigh Valley and beyond for over 15 years. This band is primarily focused on classic rock, with the guitar being at the forefront.

  • 8/11 @ 12pm, Highmark Blue Shield Community Stage
  • 8/9 @ 5pm, Air Products Americaplatz

Maria Rosé

Vocalist and pianist Maria Rosé is a graduate of both the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts and Berklee College of Music. She performs locally and at music festivals. 

  • 8/4 @ 3pm, Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz
  • 8/10 @ 12pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz

Midnight Shift with Rockin’ D 

Midnight Shift is a veteran Lehigh Valley, PA band that plays rockabilly, blues and jump swing

  • 8/10 @ 10pm, Red Stag Liederplatz

Mike Lorenz & the Witherbees 

Led By Mike Lorenz and Jacqui Armbruster, The Witherbees is a band dedicated to exploring songs they love, deconstructing them and then putting them back together.

  • 8/9 @ 1pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz
  • 8/9 @ 5:30pm, BB&T Jazz Cabaret Stage

O’Grady Quinlan Academy of Irish Dance 

The O’Grady Quinlan Academy of Irish Dance is proud to be the only certified school in the Lehigh Valley registered with An Comisuin Rince Gaelcha. 

  • 8/3 @ 12pm, IBEW 375 Volksplatz


Dina Hall and Beth Sherby have been playing music together since 2000 and continue to grow with each passing year.

  • 8/8 @ 7pm, Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz

Orbital Drums

This is Orbital’s second year performing at Musikfest. They have performed with groups and places like the State Theatre, Red Hot Chili Pipers, and more!

  • 8/2 @ 6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm, 9:30pm, Provident Bank Main Street 
  • 8/3 @ 6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm, 9:30pm, Provident Bank Main Street
  • 8/4 @ 6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm, Provident Bank Main Street
  • 8/7 @ 5pm, IBEW 375 Volksplatz
  • 8/9 @ 6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm, 9:30pm, Provident Bank Main Street
  • 8/10 @ 6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm, 9:30pm, Provident Bank Main Street
  • 8/11 @ 6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm, Provident Bank Main Street

Post Junction

Featured in the book ‘Jam Bands-North America’s Hottest Live Bands,’ Post Junction brings together funk, soul, jazz, and rock with an emphasis on improvisation.

  • 8/1 @ 6:30pm, 8:30pm, 11pm @ Highmark Blue Shield Community Stage 

Robbie Lawrence and The Steelworkers 

The Steelworkers are the newest polka band on the Lehigh Valley scene. Comprised of a mixture of industry veterans and rising talents, the band looks to carry on the legacy of Lehigh Valley polka legends, such as Walt Groller, Jolly Joe Timmer and others.

  • 8/3 @ 12pm, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical
  • 8/3 @ 6pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz

Rock Steady 

Rock Steady is a Lehigh Valley based acoustic trio focusing on three-part vocal harmonies.

  • 8/4 @ 5:30, PNC Series Musikfest Cafe

Roi and the Secret People

Renowned for their exciting live shows, Roi and the Secret People (RSP) features the mesmerizing voice of Mike Roi and the musical talents of Craig Marty, Jason Hedrington, Glen Radomski, and Ed Golden.

  • 8/2 @ 5pm, Red Stag Liederplatz 
  • 8/10 @ 5pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz 

Ruby Dear

After playing together for years on the road paying tribute to The Talking Heads, these seasoned musicians have crafted original material that is loud and evolving.

  • 8/4 @ 3pm, Guardian Life Insurance Company of American Zinzenplatz
  • 8/5 @ 4pm, Highmark Blue Shield Community Stage
  • 8/8 @ 3pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz


SATORI is a mixed ensemble of winds, strings and piano, based in PA’s Lehigh Valley and now beginning its 24th season.

  • 8/7 @ 5pm, Vesper Concert Series

School of Rock Bank Street Band 

The Bank Street Band is a collection of students from the Allentown and Easton School of Rock locations that represent the school and the program. Most of the students are multi-instrumentalists and aged 14-18.

  • 8/8 @ 12pm, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical

Scott Marshall & The Hillbilly Souls 

Scott Marshall & The Hillbilly Souls bring an acoustic show complete with banjo, lap steel, dobros, upright bass, suitcase drum kit, jaw harp, washboard and harmonica.

  • 8/8 @ 9pm, Red Stag Liederplatz

Scott Marshall’s Highway 

Along with the charisma and charm they bring to their shows, Scott Marshall’s Marshalls Highway have established a brand of Americana music to bring a top shelf musical experience that continues to entertain audiences of all ages and musical tastes.

  • 8/7 @ 7:30 pm, PNC Series Musikfest Cafe

Serene Green 

Serene Green is the collective musical vision of Pennsylvania natives whose passion for playing together comes from a deep love for traditional bluegrass music. 

  • 8/7 @ 5pm, Red Stag Liederplatz

Seth Witcher 

Seth Witcher is a 20 year old college student/music artist based out of Allentown, PA. When he is not studying, he is out performing and perfecting his craft.

  • 8/2 @ 8pm. Yuengling Lagerplatz 8/2
  • 8/10 @ 3pm, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical 8/10

Shane Reimer and Them Spicy Boize 

Shane Reimer and Them Spicy Boize are an in your face rock ‘n’ roll power trio.

  • 8/3 @ 3pm, Guardian Life Insurance Company of American Zinzenplatz 
  • 8/9 @ 5pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz

Slingshot Dakota

Combining a robust low-end with sweet and delicate melodies, Carly makes full use of her heavily affected keyboard while also providing vocals while Tom fills out the sonic middle ground with his drum kit.

  • 8/2 @ 11pm, Highmark Blue Shield Community Stage
  • 8/4 @ 8pm, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical

Smith Compound Band 

Smith Compound Band covers a wide range of artists and genres, with a focus on tunes that everyone has heard and loves but virtually no other band plays.

  • 8/6 @ 5:30pm, Guardian Life Insurance Company of American Zinzenplatz

Spiders Dressed in Red 

With a large catalogue of original music and a good mix of popular and obscure covers, Spiders Dressed in Red are a happy musical family.

  • 8/10 @ 12pm, Guardian Insurance Company of American Zinzenplatz

Starting Tomorrow 

Starting Tomorrow is a rock cover band comprised of four musicians with an ironic band name…unless it’s the day before a gig.

  • 8/10 @ 9pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz
  • 8/11 @ 4:30pm, Guardian Life Insurance Company of American Zinzenplatz

SteelStacks High School All Star Jazz Band 

The SteelStacks All-Star High School Jazz Ensemble is a select group of high school jazz musicians selected from regional high school jazz bands that participated in the SteelStacks High School Jazz Band Showcase.

  • 8/3 @ 5:30 pm, PNC Series Musikfest Cafe

Stefanie Johnson 

Stefanie Johnson was born and raised in Allentown, PA. Over the last few years, several of Stefanie’s songs have hit Broadjam’s PA’s top ten independent artists’ list.

  • 8/3 @ 12pm. Provident Bank Main Street
  • 8/4 @Stefanie Johnson @ 1pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz
  • 8/10 @ 8pm, Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz
  • 8/11 @ 7:30pm, PNC Series Musikfest Cafe

Steppin’ Out!

Steppin’ Out! is a seven-piece Texas Swing band that has performed in the Lehigh Valley since the early days of Musikfest and beyond.

  • 8/4 @ 9pm, Red Stag Liederplatz

Steve Brosky 

Steve Brosky has been writing songs and performing them to audiences in Philadelphia, New York, and his native Lehigh Valley for over 35 years.

  • 8/2 @ 8pm, Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz
  • 8/10 @ 5pm, Red Stag Liederplatz 

Stray Seeds 

Stray Seeds are an energetic folk/jam group from Bethlehem, PA!

  • 8/8 @ 5:30, Guardian Life Insurance Company of American Zinzenplatz

Summer Scouts 

Summer Scouts is a five-piece indie rock band based out of Allentown, PA.

  • 8/3 @ 5pm, Yuengling Lagerplatz
  • 8/10 @ 3pm, Guardian Life Insurance Company of American Zinzenplatz

Sunshine Symphony 

Sunshine Symphony aims to bring back the fun songs that you remember, while performing today’s hits as well.

  • 8/8 @ 5:30pm, PNC Series Musikfest Cafe

The Aardvarks

For more than 10 years, the ‘Varks have been evolving and maturing (kind of) into the premier rock band of the Lehigh Valley, mixing time periods and styles of covers and original music into their non-stop, high energy sets.

  • 8/11 @ 8:30pm, Wells Fargo Festplatz 

The BC Combo 

A Lehigh Valley, PA staple, The BC Combo is known by their signature sound since 1992. “It’s all about feelin’ good…” whenever they are performing!

  • 8/7 @ 9pm, Red Stag Liederplatz

The Beautiful Distortion 

The Beautiful Distortion delivers high-energy, harmony-heavy melodic rock.

  • 8/5 @ 7:30pm, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical

The Bryan Tuk Complex 

The Bryan Tuk Complex is an instrumental guitar/bass/drums groups that stylistically plays 1970s and 80s tunes in our own style, that fuses funk, jazz & rock together

  • 8/5 @ 5:30, BB&T Jazz Cabaret Stage 

The DeMarina Trio

An accomplished female trio of violin, calrinet, and piano. 

  • 8/8 @ 5pm, Vesper Concert Series

The Electric Farm 

The sound of The Electric Farm has a moody atmosphere that is often compared to Nick Drake and Neil Young

  • 8/11 @ 5pm, Red Stag Liederplatz

The Great Djembe Jam 

The Great Djembe Jam is a Lehigh Valley based group of drummers formed to create rhythm and vibes of good will.

  • 8/5 @ 1:30pm, IBEW 375 Volksplatz

The Large Flowerheads

Take a Groovy Trip back to the ’60s with Large Flowerheads! Imagine being part of the scene when the songs spoke of love, sunshine,and happiness.

  • 8/2 @ 8:30pm, Guardian Life Insurance Company of American Zinzenplatz
  • 8/6 @ 7pm, IBEW 375 Volksplatz

The Lesson Center 

Every summer between 40-50 music students from The Lesson Center, ranging in age from 11 to 18, come together from across the school’s five Lehigh Valley locations to learn to work with their peers in Rock and Pop bands

  • 8/9 @ 12pm, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical
  • 8/9 @ 6pm, Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz

The Slicked Up 9’s 

Rising from Lehigh University in ‘98, The Slicked Up 9’s unleash an energetic tribute to the original R&B music – Jump Blues.

  • 8/3 @ 5pm, Hotel Bethlehem Platz

The SwingTime Dolls

The SwingTime Dolls is an all female vocal group consisting of three of the area’s most accomplished vocalists that shine a new light on the tunes of the American Hit Parade of the 1940s and beyond..

  • 8/10 @ 8pm, BB&T Jazz Cabaret Stage

The Verdict 

Bethlehem-based funk, pop-rock band focuses on playing dance hits from the 70s through 2010

  • 8/7 @ 5:30, PNC Series Musikfest Cafe

This Way to the EGRESS 

If Tom Waits and Patti Smith made a musical lovechild it would sound a little like This Way to the EGRESS

  • 8/11 @  9pm, IBEW 375 Volksplatz

Trouble City All-Stars

Trouble City All-Stars blends old sounds of traditional reggae with some more modern aspects to accomplish a solid sound to get your feet moving.

  • 8/10 @ 6:30pm, Guardian Life Insurance Company of American Zinzenplatz 


•ITO• based out of Easton, Pennsylvania was formed in 2016 by Galen Deery (ukulele and vocals), his brother Simon Deery (bass), and long-time family friend Michael Lear (drums). 

  • 8/7 @ 4pm, Highmark Blue Shield Community Stage