Asian Grilled Pineapple Wrap with Wasabi Slaw and Julienne Veggies available at the Mack Truck Stop

Vegan Meals at Musikfest 2021

Hello fellow ‘festers and foodies! Welcome to our handy list of some of the vegan options available at this year’s ‘fest.

There’s a variety of vegan entrees available this year, across both the north and southside… INCLUDING VEGAN ICE CREAM FROM DINKY’S.

Below is the list of some of the vegan nomnomnoms that we know about as of August 1st. We broke it down into bite-sized chunks (ha!) for you, starting with entrees by campus and we close out with a list of delicious sides and snacks.

North Side

  • Bull & Bear (Wells Fargo Festplatz) – Vegan Gyro, Stuffed Grapes Leaves
  • Island Noodles (Martin Guitar Handwerkplatz) – Classic Island Noodles
  • Randevoo (Provident Bank Main Street) – Vegan Steamed Buns, Vegan Sushi Tempura


  • Bull & Bear (Air Products Americaplatz) – Vegan Gyro, Stuffed Grapes Leaves
  • Dinky’s (Air Products Americaplatz) – Vegan Ice Cream
  • Island Noodles (Air Products Americaplatz) – Classic Island Noodles
  • Mack Truck Stop (Air Products Americaplatz at Levitt Pavilion) – Asian Grilled Pineapple Wrap with Wasabi Slaw and Julienne Veggies, Impossible Burger
  • Market Square (Air Products Town Square outside the ArtsQuest Center) – Wood-fired Vegan Flatbread with Romesco Hummus, Rosemary Wild Mushrooms, and Shredded Kale
  • Palette Kitchen (ArtsQuest Center) – Impossible Burger
  • Van Pelt Hot Dogs (Air Products Americaplatz on 1st St) – Vegan Dog

Honorable Mention (Sides/Snacks)

  • Aw Shucks (Martin Guitar Handwerkplatz, T-Mobile Plaza Tropical) – Aw Shucks roasted corn (no butter or cheese)
  • Cubano X-Press (T-Mobile Plaza Tropical) – Sweet Plantains, Yucca Fries
  • Island Expressions (Wells Fargo Festplatz) – Pineapple on-a Stick
  • Island Expressions (Wind Creek Steel Stage) – Sweet Potato Fries, Zucchini Fries
  • Simply Skewered (Guardian Zinzenplatz) – Yucca Fries

That’s it for now, but let us know if you find more vegan goodies as you ‘fest (tag us on the social medias, y’all… we’re @Musikfest). We may have missed some, plus, menus can change up-to and throughout the ‘fest for any number of reasons. Remember to double check with the vendors to confirm ingredients.