Upcoming Events

August 2018
Thu24:30 pmBaby Soda Jazz Band
Thu25:30 pmThe Barrel House Brothers
Thu26 pmTrombone Shorty's Voodoo Threauxdown Tour
Thu27 pmBaby Soda Jazz Band
Thu27:30 pmApril Mae and the June Bugs
Thu29:45 pmFunky Dawgz Brass Band
Thu211 pmBaby Soda Jazz Band
Fri32 pmFew Miles South
Fri34 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Mushroom or Gnarly Paperweight
Fri34 pmYoga with Laurel Attanasio and Dave Evans
Fri35 pmSweetbriar Rose
Fri35:30 pmOpening Ceremonies
Fri35:30 pmLou Franco Project
Fri35:30 pmBrother Oliver
Fri35:30 pmThe Bryan Tuk Complex
Fri35:30 pmTin Bird Choir
Fri35:30 pmHarlan Tucker Band
Fri36 pmJason D'Vaude - One Man Circus Show
Fri36 pmAllez-OOPS!
Fri36 pmDave Goddess Group
Fri36 pmStyx and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Fri36 pmMolly Brulé
Fri36 pmKiki Totally Outrageous!
Fri36:30 pmAlea
Fri36:30 pmSubject: Matter
Fri37 pmFunky Dawgz Brass Band
Fri37 pmBirds in the Boneyard
Fri37 pmEmily Drinker
Fri37 pmDave Hause and the Mermaid
Fri37 pmFright Barker and Sons
Fri37 pmWireless Disco
Fri37 pmAll the King's Men: Jolly Joe Timmer Tribute Band
Fri38 pmChelsea Reed
Fri38 pmBrother Oliver
Fri38 pmCunningham & Associates
Fri38:30 pmSubject: Matter
Fri38:30 pmFew Miles South
Fri38:30 pmGGOOLLDD
Fri38:30 pmFlowers for Taco
Fri39 pmScott Marshall and Marshall's Highway
Fri39 pmBelle of the Fall
Fri39 pmFreekbass
Fri310 pmSlingshot Dakota
Fri310 pmPhiladelphia Funk Authority
Fri311 pmBirds in the Boneyard
Fri311:15 pmWe're Good, You're Great! at Musikfest
Sat48 amMusikfest 5K
Sat412 pmSugar Mountain - Celebrating the Genius of Neil Young
Sat412 pmThe National Reserve
Sat412 pmSwamp Guard
Sat412 pmAllez-OOPS!
Sat412 pmPet Cheetah
Sat412 pmAllegro Dance Studios LLC
Sat412 pmJason D'Vaude - One Man Circus Show
Sat412 pmMädel Jäger
Sat412 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Mushroom or Gnarly Paperweight
Sat412 pmKiki Totally Outrageous!
Sat41 pmDeaf Rhino
Sat41 pmRuth Wyand & The Tribe Of One
Sat41 pmDavid Davis
Sat41 pmBob Wagner Quartet
Sat41:30 pmFloxy Bee, Yeye Asa, Yeye Osun, Hikosso Queen
Sat41:30 pmSwamp Guard
Sat42 pmThe BRUCE Show - Springsteen Tribute
Sat42 pmVulcans
Sat42 pmDaisy Jug Band
Sat42 pmFairground Saints
Sat43 pmGina Chavez
Sat43 pmBob Wagner Quartet
Sat43 pmThe Living Vines
Sat43 pmThe National Reserve
Sat43 pmLiz Nordstrom Band
Sat43 pmSaint Wilde
Sat43:30 pmWine'd Down: Glass Windchime at Musikfest
Sat43:30 pmGretchen And The Pickpockets
Sat43:30 pmBurris
Sat44 pmEmma Cook & Questionable Company
Sat44 pmCrimson Apple
Sat44:30 pmThe Polka Brothers
Sat45 pmKen Goldstein
Sat45 pmThe Living Vines
Sat45 pmStrange Familia
Sat45 pmErin Kelly Band
Sat45 pmMen and Whales
Sat45 pmJosh Ronen
Sat45 pmRob Curto's Forró For All
Sat45:30 pmSteelStacks High School All Star Band
Sat45:30 pmGretchen And The Pickpockets
Sat45:30 pmMatt Dellecker
Sat45:30 pmSavannah Conley
Sat46 pmMaria Rose
Sat46 pmAnimal Years
Sat46 pmDaughtry
Sat46:30 pmNash East
Sat46:30 pmOrbital Drumline
Sat46:30 pmMen and Whales
Sat46:30 pmMoravian College Jazz Faculty Ensemble
Sat47 pmJordyn Kenzie
Sat47 pmGretchen Pleuss
Sat47 pmThe Living Vines
Sat47 pmWireless Disco
Sat47 pmFunky Dawgz Brass Band
Sat47 pmThe Mulligan Brothers
Sat47:30 pmSubject: Matter
Sat47:30 pmOrbital Drumline
Sat48 pmSphynx
Sat48 pmThe Moondogs
Sat48 pmHot Club of Philadelphia
Sat48 pmAdam Doleac
Sat48 pmJeremiah Tall
Sat48:30 pmThe Aardvarks
Sat48:30 pmOrbital Drumline
Sat48:30 pmStrange Familia
Sat49 pmBig Bone Daddy
Sat49 pmRed Baraat
Sat49 pmSavannah Conley
Sat49:30 pmPublic Access TV
Sat49:30 pmWalker McGuire
Sat410 pmThe SuperNaturals
Sat411 pmWild Planes
Sat411:15 pmGame Show Night: Mind Meld at Musikfest
Sun511:30 amPhotoPass: Architects of Air
Sun512 pmGiana Lynn
Sun512 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Mushroom or Gnarly Paperweight
Sun512 pmWe May Be Right: Billy Joel Tribute
Sun512 pmKiki Totally Outrageous!
Sun512 pmLehigh Valley Cloggers
Sun512 pmJohn Stevens' Doubleshot
Sun512 pmNatalie Joly & the Reckless Hearts
Sun512 pmAllez-OOPS!
Sun512 pmJason D'Vaude - One Man Circus Show
Sun512 pmThe Rock-A-Sonics
Sun51 pmGretchen And The Pickpockets
Sun51 pmBrian Fitzy
Sun51 pmRed Hot Ramblers
Sun51 pmPete and the Stray Dogs
Sun51:30 pmNatalie Joly & the Reckless Hearts
Sun51:30 pmCrimson Apple
Sun52 pmChris London from Friar’s Point Band
Sun52 pmFuturist
Sun52 pmDave Fry Trio
Sun52 pmLight My Fire - The #1 Live Tribute to The Doors
Sun52 pmZach Matari
Sun53 pmRed Hot Ramblers
Sun53 pmStrange Familia
Sun53 pmMike Lorenz Trio
Sun53 pmThe Living Vines
Sun53 pmKill the Broadcast
Sun53 pmNalani & Sarina
Sun53 pmBrian Fitzy
Sun54 pmSteal Your Peach
Sun54 pmHeather Maloney
Sun54 pmThe Philadelphia German Brass Band
Sun54 pmMeet the Mayor
Sun54 pmI am Snow Angel
Sun55 pmThe Living Vines
Sun55 pmBrittany Ann
Sun55 pmThe Family Crest
Sun55 pmCarbon Drifters
Sun55 pmIncendio
Sun55 pmAndrea Nardello
Sun55:30 pmWack Cheddar
Sun55:30 pmStriking Copper
Sun55:30 pmThe Dull Blue Lights
Sun56 pmSweet Roger
Sun56 pmShelley King
Sun56:30 pmOrbital Drumline
Sun56:30 pmQueen Hilma
Sun56:30 pmSubject: Matter
Sun57 pmThe National Reserve
Sun57 pmWireless Disco
Sun57 pmBilly Bauer Band
Sun57 pmBlair Crimmins and The Hookers
Sun57 pmCraig Thatcher Band
Sun57 pmThe Living Vines
Sun57 pmPat Foran
Sun57:30 pmOrbital Drumline
Sun57:30 pmThe Large Flowerheads
Sun58 pmOna
Sun58 pmMagnum
Sun58 pmThe River Drivers
Sun58 pmTJP (formerly The Jost Project)
Sun58:30 pmOrbital Drumline
Sun58:30 pmSubject: Matter
Sun58:30 pmThe Mysteries
Sun59 pmHeather Maloney
Sun59 pmThe Amish Outlaws
Sun59 pmDina Hall's Songbird: a Tribute to Emmylou Harris
Sun59:30 pmCeramic Animal
Sun510 pmCraig Thatcher Band
Sun511 pmFuturist
Sun511:15 pmImprovised Standup at Musikfest
Mon612 pmKiki Totally Outrageous!
Mon612 pmThe Dirty Pennies
Mon612 pmJason D'Vaude - One Man Circus Show
Mon612 pmAllez-OOPS!
Mon612 pmClass of 84
Mon612 pmMiss Karen's Dance Studio
Mon612 pmJordyn Kenzie
Mon612 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Mushroom or Gnarly Paperweight
Mon61 pmIncendio
Mon61:30 pmLehigh Valley Music Teachers Association
Mon61:30 pmBombay Rickey
Mon61:30 pmThe Dirty Pennies
Mon62 pmBig Bone Daddy
Mon63 pmForlorn Strangers
Mon63 pmThis Way to the Egress
Mon63:30 pmKaleta & Super Yamba Band
Mon64 pmStarting Tomorrow
Mon64 pmThe Nerds
Mon64 pmMusikfest Flame Working Experience: Swirl or Mushroom Pendant
Mon65 pmZaire
Mon65 pmIncendio
Mon65 pmAlmond & Olive
Mon65 pmErin Harpe and the Delta Swingers
Mon65 pmKat Wright
Mon65 pmIlya Yakushev
Mon65 pmFriar's Point Band
Mon65 pmCampbell and Son
Mon65:30 pmJocelyn & Chris Arndt
Mon65:30 pmThe Barrel House Brothers
Mon65:30 pmEntertainer Tommy Zito
Mon66 pmStacy Gabel
Mon66 pmDierks Bentley
Mon66:30 pmErin Harpe and the Delta Swingers
Mon66:30 pmOrbital Drumline
Mon67 pmCory Shelly
Mon67 pmThe Chris O'Leary Band
Mon67 pmBlair Crimmins and The Hookers
Mon67 pmWireless Disco
Mon67 pmRemember Jones
Mon67:30 pmSubject: Matter
Mon67:30 pmOrbital Drumline
Mon67:30 pmStealing 2nd Base
Mon67:30 pmDuo Adelphi
Mon68 pmCraig Kastelnik and Friends with Bernard Purdie on Drums
Mon68 pmAlmond & Olive
Mon68 pmRUBIX KUBE: The '80s Strike Back Show
Mon68 pmThe Eric Mintel Quartet
Mon68:30 pmForlorn Strangers
Mon68:30 pmOrbital Drumline
Mon69 pmThe Amish Outlaws
Mon69 pmPatrick Donovan
Mon69 pmSquirrel Nut Zippers
Mon69 pmThe Whiskeyhickon Boys
Mon69:30 pmJohn Cannavo and Friends
Mon611 pmThis Way to the Egress
Tue712 pmSmall Steps Big Dreams Dance
Tue712 pmJason D'Vaude - One Man Circus Show
Tue712 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Mushroom or Gnarly Paperweight
Tue712 pmKiki Totally Outrageous!
Tue712 pmJenny Barnes And The Great Unknown
Tue712 pmLegacy
Tue712 pmCommunity Music School Lehigh Valley
Tue712 pmAllez-OOPS!
Tue71 pmRosu Lup
Tue71:30 pmJenny Barnes And The Great Unknown
Tue71:30 pmThe Great Djembe Jam
Tue71:30 pmLehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts
Tue72 pmJocelyn & Chris Arndt
Tue73 pmRiver Lynch and The Spiritmakers
Tue73 pmKaleta & Super Yamba Band
Tue73:30 pmStoop Kids
Tue74 pmMusikfest Flame Working Experience: Swirl or Mushroom Pendant
Tue74 pmRosu Lup
Tue74 pmCentral City Orchestra
Tue75 pmThe Jayplayers
Tue75 pmSeamus Kennedy
Tue75 pmBencoolen
Tue75 pmThe Lesson Center
Tue75 pmThe Poulenc Trio
Tue75 pmJocelyn & Chris Arndt
Tue75 pmKat Wright
Tue75 pmFrom The Dark River
Tue75:30 pmJuice
Tue75:30 pmFunklopian Tubes
Tue75:30 pmThe Big Drops
Tue76 pmKesha
Tue76 pmAngela Burns
Tue76:30 pmBencoolen
Tue77 pmDown North
Tue77 pmCampbell and Son
Tue77 pmWireless Disco
Tue77 pmRuen Brothers
Tue77 pmHouse of Hamill
Tue77 pmBilly Bauer Band
Tue77:30 pmCovenant Brass
Tue77:30 pmSkyfoot
Tue78 pmJoe Grushecky & The Houserockers
Tue78 pmGo Go Gadjet
Tue78 pmThe Slicked Up 9's
Tue78 pmRosu Lup
Tue78:30 pmAvenue 16 feat. CL
Tue79 pmThe Original Wailers
Tue79 pmThe Jayplayers
Tue79 pmMarc Broussard
Tue79 pmRogue Diplomats
Tue79:30 pmSwift Technique
Tue711 pmHedera
Wed812 pmMajor League Circus Show
Wed812 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Mushroom or Gnarly Paperweight
Wed812 pmBella Magic
Wed812 pmNigel Blackstorm: The Heavy Metal Magician
Wed812 pmScott Marshall and the Hillbilly Souls
Wed812 pmBrother Jerome
Wed812 pmPrecision Dance Studios
Wed812 pmSteve Goodtime
Wed812 pmBrett Miller
Wed812:30 pmBencoolen
Wed81:30 pmBrett Miller
Wed81:30 pmSeamus Kennedy
Wed83 pmGina Sicilia Band
Wed83 pmAll Our Exes Live in Texas
Wed83:30 pm1910 Fruitgum Company
Wed84 pmBrett Miller
Wed84 pmButterjive
Wed84 pmMusikfest Flame Working Experience: Swirl or Mushroom Pendant
Wed84:30 pmSummer Son
Wed85 pmNalani & Sarina
Wed85 pmReturn of Simple
Wed85 pmHoneysuckle
Wed85 pmAlexander Saddic (The GoAround)
Wed85 pmFlame Of The Forest
Wed85 pmJames Labrosse
Wed85 pmDustin Douglas & The Electric Gentlemen
Wed85 pmGentlemen and Scholars
Wed85:30 pmVin Mott's Rhythm & Blues Band
Wed85:30 pmHambone Relay
Wed86 pmGary Clark Jr.
Wed86 pmTrouble City All Stars
Wed86 pmtheLionhearted
Wed86:30 pmGentlemen and Scholars
Wed87 pmWireless Disco
Wed87 pmDustin Douglas & The Electric Gentlemen
Wed87 pmIgor and the Red Elvises
Wed87 pmTony Lucca
Wed87 pmCass Noelle
Wed87:30 pmLinaria Ensemble
Wed87:30 pmZaire
Wed88 pmBlack Tie Brass
Wed88 pmJanuary Noon
Wed88:30 pmCrazy Hearts
Wed88:30 pmJimmy and the Parrots
Wed88:30 pmSixteen Jackies
Wed89 pmEric Gales
Wed89 pmWater Street
Wed89 pmGarden State Radio
Wed89 pmThe BC Combo
Wed811 pmLowlight
Thu912 pmNigel Blackstorm: The Heavy Metal Magician
Thu912 pmNobody From Jersey
Thu912 pmSteve Goodtime
Thu912 pmCartesion Dance Academy
Thu912 pmThe Renaissance Orchestra
Thu912 pmMajor League Circus Show
Thu912 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Mushroom or Gnarly Paperweight
Thu912 pmBella Magic
Thu912 pmWest End Music & Lesson Studios Students
Thu91:30 pmSchool of Rock Bank Street Band
Thu91:30 pmAfrican Benga Stars
Thu91:30 pmNobody From Jersey
Thu93 pmTolumiDE
Thu93 pmMedusa's Disco
Thu93:30 pmGrandchildren
Thu94 pmDesert Highway Band
Thu94 pmMusikfest Flame Working Experience: Swirl or Mushroom Pendant
Thu94 pmRuby Dear
Thu94 pmDream Spectrum
Thu95 pmA second life
Thu95 pmPigeon Kings
Thu95 pmSara Ontaneda
Thu95 pmYouth Yamada
Thu95 pmElsie and the Vibe
Thu95 pmFairmount Strings' Kim Duo
Thu95 pmShorty Long & The Jersey Horns
Thu95:30 pmRad and Kell
Thu95:30 pmNajwa Parkins and the Resolute Sound
Thu96 pmChris Paterno
Thu96 pmSecret American
Thu96:30 pmA second life
Thu97 pmRiver City Slim & The Zydeco Hogs
Thu97 pmWireless Disco
Thu97 pmdeer scout
Thu97 pmJamie Kent
Thu97 pmThe Harlem River Noise
Thu97:30 pmCherrywood String Trio
Thu97:30 pmMajor Kit & the Bionic Defection
Thu97:30 pmEvolfo
Thu98 pmGordon Thomas Ward
Thu98 pmEllis Dyson & the Shambles
Thu98 pm70's Flashback Band
Thu98:30 pmLa Capitaña
Thu99 pmAmerican Trappist
Thu99 pmMarshall Crenshaw
Thu99 pmBilly Bauer Band
Thu99 pmIgor and the Red Elvises
Thu99:30 pmWild Adriatic
Thu99:30 pmKevin Miller's 'Smashed'
Thu911 pmThe Human Circuit
Thu911:15 pm#Bestof Musikfest
Fri1012 pmMajor League Circus Show
Fri1012 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Mushroom or Gnarly Paperweight
Fri1012 pmSharon Plessl School of Dance featuring Excel Dance Company
Fri1012 pmBella Magic
Fri1012 pmRuby Dear
Fri1012 pmNigel Blackstorm: The Heavy Metal Magician
Fri1012 pmAaron Dussing and Polka Revolution
Fri1012 pmThe Lesson Center
Fri1012 pmSteve Goodtime
Fri101 pmAppalachian Gypsy Tribe
Fri101:30 pmRuby Dear
Fri101:30 pmThe Berkshire Bateria
Fri103 pmInternational String Trio
Fri103 pmRFA
Fri103:30 pmThe Chris Paterno Band
Fri103:30 pmFritz's Polka Band
Fri104 pmThe Wallace Brothers Band
Fri105 pmPhiladelphia Handbell Ensemble
Fri105 pmThe Slicked Up 9's
Fri105 pmJeff Przech
Fri105 pmEllis Dyson & the Shambles
Fri105 pmChurch Girls
Fri105 pmKALO
Fri105 pmThe Peterson Brothers
Fri105:30 pmBobby Clark Band
Fri105:30 pmBitters & Rye
Fri105:30 pmLiza Anne
Fri106 pmErin Kelly
Fri106 pmBrantley Gilbert
Fri106 pmMarielle Kraft
Fri106:30 pmRock Dance Collective
Fri106:30 pmGinger Coyle
Fri107 pmAppalachian Gypsy Tribe
Fri107 pmThe Ultra Kings
Fri107 pmWireless Disco
Fri107 pmSerene Green
Fri107 pmThe Sofa Kings
Fri107 pmSoulsha
Fri107 pmLehigh Valley with Love Comedy Platz
Fri107 pmPigeon Kings
Fri107:30 pmInternational String Trio
Fri107:30 pmFriday's Child
Fri107:30 pmNik Greeley & The Operators
Fri108 pmThe SwingTime Dolls
Fri108 pmPat Foran
Fri108 pmCubbage
Fri108:30 pmHasting & Co.
Fri108:30 pmRock Dance Collective
Fri108:45 pmLehigh Valley with Love Comedy Platz
Fri109 pmiSLES iSLES
Fri109 pmJames Supra/Sarah Ayers Band
Fri109 pmIgor and the Red Elvises
Fri109 pmBastard Bearded Irishmen
Fri109:30 pmThe New Respects
Fri109:30 pmCommon Bond
Fri1010:30 pmLehigh Valley with Love Comedy Platz
Fri1011 pmJohnny Hayes and the Loveseats
Fri1011:15 pmThe Two Show Show: Cat Sweaters and Flumplenarfs at Musikfest
Sat1112 pmNigel Blackstorm: The Heavy Metal Magician
Sat1112 pmBlack Tie Stereo
Sat1112 pmThe Youngers
Sat1112 pmThe British Invasion Years
Sat1112 pmLouie Bello
Sat1112 pmSteve Goodtime
Sat1112 pmO'Grady Quinlan Academy of Irish Dance
Sat1112 pmMajor League Circus Show
Sat1112 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Mushroom or Gnarly Paperweight
Sat1112 pmJeff Krause
Sat1112 pmExperience Janis A Tribute to Janis Joplin
Sat1112 pmBella Magic
Sat111 pmStephane Wrembel
Sat111 pmAdam Web
Sat111 pmStacy Gabel
Sat111 pmBig Mind
Sat111:30 pmLouie Bello
Sat111:30 pmHeather Gillis
Sat112 pmTJ Kong & The Atomic Bomb
Sat112 pmMichigan Rattlers
Sat112 pmWise Old Moon
Sat112 pmKayla Avitabile
Sat112 pmDave Cavalier
Sat112:30 pmCarly Moffa
Sat112:30 pmThe Truants
Sat113 pmStephane Wrembel
Sat113 pmThe Living Vines
Sat113 pmBret Alexander
Sat113 pmHurry
Sat113 pmDaisy Jug Band
Sat113 pmThe Groove Merchants
Sat113:30 pmWild Rivers
Sat114 pmMatt Dellecker
Sat114 pmMichigan Rattlers
Sat114 pmCubbage
Sat114 pmHarbour
Sat114:30 pmWine'd Down: Chalk Lettering at Musikfest
Sat115 pmSleepwalkers
Sat115 pmTioga
Sat115 pmJoe Kye
Sat115 pmClassic Stones Live
Sat115 pmJason McGovern
Sat115 pmAll Types of Kinds
Sat115 pmThe Living Vines
Sat115:30 pmLaunch Pad
Sat115:30 pmThe Verdict
Sat115:30 pmCorinne Mammana Quartet
Sat115:30 pmCarly Moffa
Sat116 pmJeff Krause
Sat116 pmThe Summer Ever After Tour feat. All Time Low & Dashboard Confessional
Sat116:30 pmRock Dance Collective
Sat116:30 pmTioga
Sat117 pmThe Living Vines
Sat117 pmLate Sea
Sat117 pmDave Cavalier
Sat117 pmWireless Disco
Sat117 pmCeramic Animal
Sat117 pmQiet
Sat117 pmLehigh Valley with Love Comedy Platz
Sat117:30 pmDear Anna
Sat118 pmCaleb and the Gents
Sat118 pmThe Foxfires
Sat118 pmThe New Respects
Sat118 pmStrawberry Fields- The Ultmate Beatles Band featuring members from Broadway's Beatlemania Show
Sat118:30 pmHeather Gillis
Sat118:30 pmRock Dance Collective
Sat118:45 pmLehigh Valley with Love Comedy Platz
Sat119 pmStart Making Sense: Talking Heads Tribute
Sat119 pmTwin Ghost
Sat119 pmCraig Thatcher and Nyke Van Wyk
Sat119:30 pmColony House
Sat119:30 pmLucky 7
Sat119:30 pmWe Are Scientists
Sat1110:30 pmLehigh Valley with Love Comedy Platz
Sat1111 pmSlingshot Dakota
Sat1111:15 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour at Musikfest
Sun1211:30 amPhotoPass: Architects of Air
Sun1212 pmSteve Goodtime
Sun1212 pmRust
Sun1212 pmMajor League Circus Show
Sun1212 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Mushroom or Gnarly Paperweight
Sun1212 pmRock Steady
Sun1212 pmBella Magic
Sun1212 pmSchützengiggles Oompah Band
Sun1212 pmBest of Godfrey Daniels Open Mic
Sun1212 pmNigel Blackstorm: The Heavy Metal Magician
Sun1212 pmIrish Stars Parker School of Irish Dance
Sun1212 pmKeystone: Jerry Garcia Tribute
Sun121 pmJason McGovern
Sun121 pmNoshir Mody Ensemble
Sun121 pmThe Reckless Saints
Sun121:30 pmHALA
Sun121:30 pmJeremiah Tall
Sun121:30 pmRust
Sun121:30 pmSerene Green
Sun122 pmBig Whiskey: Tribute to The Allman Brothers
Sun122 pmMegan Carolan
Sun123 pmNoshir Mody Ensemble
Sun123 pmWilliam H. Travis
Sun123 pmMaking Movies
Sun123 pmJakopa's Punch
Sun123 pmCaleb and the Gents
Sun123 pmThe Living Vines
Sun123:30 pmDina Hall's Songbird: a Tribute to Emmylou Harris
Sun123:30 pmPolkadelphia
Sun124 pmAmerican Religion
Sun124 pmDeaf Rhino
Sun124:30 pmStephane Wrembel
Sun125 pmThe Living Vines
Sun125 pmAbove the Mendoza
Sun125 pmBen O'Neill
Sun125 pmGrace Morrison
Sun125 pmPhilly Gumbo
Sun125 pmLovebettie
Sun125 pmDavid Jacobs-Strain and Bob Beach
Sun125:30 pm3AM
Sun125:30 pmBlackbird Society Orchestra
Sun126 pmJudy Kass
Sun126 pmJason Mraz
Sun126:30 pmAbove the Mendoza
Sun126:30 pmRock Dance Collective
Sun126:30 pmMaybird
Sun126:30 pmRecess
Sun127 pmDSB: The Next Best Thing to Journey
Sun127 pmSteppin' Out!
Sun127 pmWireless Disco
Sun127 pmMatt Wheeler
Sun127 pmThe Living Vines
Sun127:30 pmEighteenth Hour
Sun127:30 pmArtsQuest Members-Only Musikfest Fireworks Party
Sun127:30 pmPhiladelphia Funk Authority
Sun128 pmSwing That Cat
Sun128 pmHector Rosado Orchestra
Sun128:30 pmRock Dance Collective
Sun128:30 pmThe Aardvarks
Sun129 pmThe Sofa Kings
Sun129 pmDante Palminteri