Upcoming Events

August 2017
Fri42 pmThe Ostrich Rider
Fri42 pmIsabella Hoops
Fri42 pmThe Hockey Circus Show
Fri42 pmThe Unicycling Unicorn
Fri42 pmAlléz-OOPS!
Fri45 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Wave & Air Trap Paperweight 8/4-8/13
Fri45 pmTim Harakal & Zach Jones
Fri45:30 pmThe National Parks
Fri45:30 pmThe LA Hustle
Fri45:30 pmZaire
Fri45:30 pmScoville Blues
Fri45:30 pmPHOTOPASS: Santana Concert Photography
Fri46 pmThe Lesson Center
Fri46 pmArchitects of Air presented by Think Energy
Fri46 pmCold Fronts
Fri46:30 pmGrupo En Secuencia
Fri46:30 pmSantana
Fri46:30 pmMoroccan Mason Jar Lanterns
Fri47 pmJesse Terry
Fri47 pmSupérmac
Fri47 pmThe Commonheart
Fri47 pmAll the King's Men: A Tribute to Lehigh Valley's Polka King, Jolly Joe Timmer
Fri47 pmMusikfest Wireless Disco
Fri47 pmCricket Tell the Weather
Fri47 pmMegan Williams
Fri47:30 pmRunaway June
Fri48 pmChelsea Reed and the Fair Weather Five
Fri48 pmThe Hot Club of Philadelphia
Fri48 pmKate Vargas & The Reckless Daughters
Fri48:30 pmLa Ola Radio Showcase featuring Karlos Rose and Luisito
Fri48:30 pmThe Aardvarks
Fri48:30 pmThe Accidentals
Fri48:30 pmMegan Williams
Fri49 pmDirty Dollhouse
Fri49 pmClarence Spady
Fri49 pmVanessa Collier
Fri49 pmBastard Bearded Irishmen
Fri410 pmLucky 7
Fri411 pmLevee Drivers
Fri411:15 pmManDudeBro at Musikfest
Sat58:30 amSmokin’
Sat510:30 amMusikfest 5k
Sat510:30 amEighteenth Hour
Sat512 pmWalt Groller Orchestra
Sat512 pmThe Youngers
Sat512 pmStefanie Johnson Band
Sat512 pmThe Wildlings
Sat512 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Wave & Air Trap Paperweight 8/4-8/13
Sat512 pmArchitects of Air presented by Think Energy
Sat51 pmChamomile and Whiskey
Sat51 pmGordon Thomas Ward
Sat51 pmO'Grady Quinlan Academy of Irish Dance
Sat51:30 pmStefanie Johnson Band
Sat52 pmThe Unicycling Unicorn
Sat52 pmAlléz-OOPS!
Sat52 pmCarly Moffa
Sat52 pmThe Ostrich Rider
Sat52 pmIsabella Hoops
Sat52 pmDave Fry Trio
Sat52 pmThe Hockey Circus Show
Sat52:30 pmDaisy Jug Band
Sat53 pmSupérmac
Sat53 pmThe Fontaines
Sat53 pmAmy Jay
Sat53:30 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Flame-worked Pendant 8/5-8/13
Sat54 pmChamomile and Whiskey
Sat54 pmPlaying to Vapors
Sat54 pmSweet Yonder
Sat54 pmDel Water Gap
Sat54:30 pmBurning Bridget Cleary
Sat54:30 pmAustrian Boys Band
Sat55 pmJohn Hufford
Sat55 pmilyAIMY
Sat55 pmThe National Parks
Sat55 pmCarly Moffa
Sat55:30 pmJutaun
Sat55:30 pmPHOTOPASS: Chicago Concert Photography
Sat55:30 pmEvening Darling
Sat55:30 pmThe Tillers
Sat55:30 pmSteelStacks High School All-Star Jazz Band and Moravian College Jazz Faculty Band
Sat55:30 pmCaleb and the Gents
Sat56 pmSwearingen & Kelli
Sat56 pmDayme Arocena
Sat56 pmDevon Gilfillian
Sat56 pmBilly Bauer Band
Sat56:30 pmGeometric String Art
Sat57 pmMusikfest Wireless Disco
Sat57 pmAmy Jay
Sat57 pmThe Tillers
Sat57 pmHeath Green and the Makeshifters
Sat57 pmMegan Williams
Sat57 pmAbove the Mendoza
Sat57:30 pmSlam Allen Band
Sat57:30 pmSoul Inscribed
Sat58 pmLogan Metz Quintet
Sat58 pmBlackbird Society Orchestra
Sat58 pmWilliam H. Travis
Sat58 pmZili
Sat58:30 pmKwesi K
Sat58:30 pmThe Amish Outlaws
Sat59 pmSVET
Sat59 pmMegan Williams
Sat59 pmRubyfruit
Sat59 pmThe Accidentals
Sat59:30 pmGregorio Uribe
Sat59:30 pmLow Cut Connie
Sat510 pmPhiladelphia Funk Authority
Sat511 pmNik Greeley & The Operators
Sat511:15 pmThe Best of Craigslist
Sun612 pmNo Good Sister
Sun612 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Wave & Air Trap Paperweight 8/4-8/13
Sun612 pmJohn Stevens' Doubleshot
Sun612 pmArchitects of Air presented by Think Energy
Sun612 pmPost Junction
Sun612 pmAcoustic Roadshow
Sun612 pmLehigh Valley Cloggers
Sun61 pmBlue Jean
Sun61:30 pmTrouble City All Stars
Sun62 pmHounds
Sun62 pmThe Ostrich Rider
Sun62 pmIsabella Hoops
Sun62 pmThe Hockey Circus Show
Sun62 pmThe Unicycling Unicorn
Sun62 pmAlléz-OOPS!
Sun63 pmHeath Green and the Makeshifters
Sun63 pmJason McGovern
Sun63 pmMeet the Mayor
Sun63:30 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Flame-worked Pendant 8/5-8/13
Sun64 pmPlaying to Vapors
Sun64 pmRevolution, I Love You
Sun64 pmThe Large Flowerheads
Sun64 pmFritz's Polka Band
Sun64 pmBig Valley Bluegrass
Sun65 pmAdam Jacob
Sun65 pmGentleman Brawlers
Sun65 pm3AM
Sun65 pmScott Sharrard
Sun65:30 pmSunshine Symphony
Sun65:30 pmCaleb and the Gents
Sun65:30 pmAppalachian Gypsy Tribe
Sun65:30 pmTony Gairo & Lou Lanza
Sun66 pmFather John Misty
Sun66 pmSan Fermin
Sun66 pmAlyssa Garcia
Sun66 pmCeramic Animal
Sun66 pmSummer Scouts
Sun66:30 pmMosaic Tiles
Sun67 pmMusikfest Wireless Disco
Sun67 pmJason McGovern
Sun67 pmAmelia Eisenhauer Band
Sun67 pmMegan Williams
Sun67:30 pmCharles Walker Band
Sun67:30 pmThe Dull Blue Lights
Sun67:30 pmThe Nerds
Sun67:30 pmThe Big Drops
Sun68 pmPancho Bongo Y Su Orquesta
Sun68 pmLacey Canfield
Sun68 pmNick Finzer's Hear & Now
Sun68 pmMagnum
Sun69 pmMegan Williams
Sun69 pmShelley King
Sun69 pmThe Amish Outlaws
Sun69 pmCubbage
Sun69:30 pmCraig Thatcher Band
Sun69:30 pmLuisito Rosario & Orchestra
Sun611:15 pmThe SteelStacks Comedy Triathlon
Mon711 amCapturing Musikfest: Video & Marketing Camp for Teens (14-18 years)
Mon711 amPre-Teen PhotoPass: Musikfest Camp Photography (Grades 6-8)
Mon712 pmCommunity Music School Lehigh Valley
Mon712 pmBorn Into The Arts Dance Company
Mon712 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Wave & Air Trap Paperweight 8/4-8/13
Mon712 pmCubbage
Mon712 pmClass of 84
Mon712 pmArchitects of Air presented by Think Energy
Mon71:30 pmRhythm Future Quartet
Mon71:30 pmSchool of Rock Bank Street Band
Mon72 pmThe Hockey Circus Show
Mon72 pmThe Unicycling Unicorn
Mon72 pmAlléz-OOPS!
Mon72 pmThe Ostrich Rider
Mon72 pmIsabella Hoops
Mon72 pmThe Jess Novak Band
Mon72:30 pmWilliam H. Travis
Mon73 pmMarie Danielle
Mon73 pmAliya Cycon Project
Mon73:30 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Flame-worked Pendant 8/5-8/13
Mon73:30 pmThe Killing Floor
Mon74 pmBill Valenti
Mon74 pmM-80
Mon74 pmPentley Holmes & the Lucid Dreamers
Mon75 pmHairy Dudini
Mon75 pmRhythm Future Quartet
Mon75 pmThe Jess Novak Band
Mon75 pmHerencia Jibara
Mon75 pmSal Ritz and the Evans Brothers
Mon75 pmScott Marshall & Marshall's Highway
Mon75 pmSara Ontaneda
Mon75 pmCopper Sky
Mon75:30 pmEntertainer Tommy Zito
Mon75:30 pmAnna Cecilia Quartet
Mon75:30 pmRazteria
Mon75:30 pmPHOTOPASS: +Live+ Concert Photography
Mon76 pmClose Act Theatre presents BIRDMEN
Mon76 pmCOBI
Mon76 pmPat Foran
Mon76 pmBlack Pistol Fire
Mon76 pm+LIVE+
Mon77 pmMusikfest Wireless Disco
Mon77 pmPentley Holmes
Mon77 pmMarie Danielle
Mon77 pmJames Supra Band
Mon77 pmBarleyjuice
Mon77 pmThe Jess Novak Band
Mon77:30 pmLVMA Showcase featuring Tim Harakal & Friends, Acoustic Kitty Project, and The Whiskeyhickon Boys
Mon77:30 pmThe HillBenders
Mon77:30 pmLukens String Trio
Mon78 pmSara Ontaneda
Mon78 pmRazteria
Mon78 pmRubix Kube
Mon78 pmHard Swimmin' Fish
Mon78 pmThe SwingTime Dolls
Mon78:30 pmAbove the Mendoza
Mon79 pmAlmond&Olive
Mon79 pmBilly Price Band
Mon79 pmThe Smithereens
Mon79 pmClose Act Theatre presents BIRDMEN
Mon79:30 pmGene Ween does Billy Joel
Mon711 pmGroovy Movies
Tue812 pmLehigh Valley Music Teacher's Association
Tue812 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Wave & Air Trap Paperweight 8/4-8/13
Tue812 pmArchitects of Air presented by Think Energy
Tue812 pmHairy Dudini
Tue812 pmBelieve Dance Company
Tue812 pmJoyous
Tue81:30 pmAfrican Benga Stars
Tue81:30 pmLehigh Valley Charter HS for the Arts
Tue82 pmThe Ostrich Rider
Tue82 pmIsabella Hoops
Tue82 pmThe Hockey Circus Show
Tue82 pmThe Unicycling Unicorn
Tue82 pmAlléz-OOPS!
Tue82:30 pmCopper Sky
Tue82:30 pmThe Heartbeats
Tue83 pmSeamus Kennedy
Tue83 pmThe Killing Floor
Tue83:30 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Flame-worked Pendant 8/5-8/13
Tue83:30 pmAlbert Savage
Tue84 pmBrian Fitzy
Tue84 pmSwamp Guard
Tue85 pmBill Valenti
Tue85 pmThe Mosey Beat
Tue85 pmMartha Marchena
Tue85 pmZaire Acoustic Trio
Tue85 pmThe Ultra Kings
Tue85 pmRazteria
Tue85 pmThe John Byrne Band
Tue85 pmRichardson & Purcell
Tue85:30 pmElectrik Company
Tue85:30 pmMike Lorenz Trio
Tue85:30 pmCharlie Frey's Blue Plate Specials
Tue85:30 pmJah People
Tue86 pmMAX
Tue86 pmNoah Cyrus
Tue86 pmKilliam Shakespeare
Tue86 pmAloe Blacc
Tue86 pmAll Types of Kinds
Tue86 pmClose Act Theatre presents BIRDMEN
Tue86 pmJulia and Werner
Tue87 pmAlmond&Olive
Tue87 pmThe Mosey Beat
Tue87 pmThe Hillbenders
Tue87 pmRogue Diplomats
Tue87 pmScott and Marshall
Tue87 pmWild Child - A Jim Morrison Celebration Concert
Tue87 pmMusikfest Wireless Disco
Tue87:30 pmPaul Galbraith
Tue87:30 pmWesli
Tue88 pmHeidi Ott
Tue88 pmRob Stoneback Big Band
Tue88 pmKorey Riker
Tue88:30 pm70's Flashback Band
Tue88:30 pmBrian Fitzy
Tue89 pmThe John Byrne Band
Tue89 pmAll Types of Kinds
Tue89 pmRay Fuller and the Bluesrockers
Tue89 pmClose Act Theatre presents BIRDMEN
Tue89 pmThe Skatalites
Tue89:30 pmAndy Frasco and the UN
Tue811 pmPorter & Sayles
Wed912 pmArchitects of Air presented by Think Energy
Wed912 pmThe Tequila Rose Band
Wed912 pmSmall Steps Big Dreams Dance
Wed912 pmHeidi Ott
Wed912 pmIsland Time
Wed912 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Wave & Air Trap Paperweight 8/4-8/13
Wed91:30 pmThe Great Djembe Jam
Wed92 pmBella Magic: Gaia
Wed92 pmThe Rosetta Sisters
Wed92 pmHer Majesty's Secret Circus
Wed92 pmThe USA Breakdancers
Wed92:30 pmJulia and Werner
Wed93 pmThe Brother Brothers
Wed93 pmCrushed Out
Wed93:30 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Flame-worked Pendant 8/5-8/13
Wed94 pmLuke Alexander Trio
Wed94 pmThe Mosey Beat
Wed94:30 pmSummer Son
Wed95 pmWesli
Wed95 pmCopper Sky
Wed95 pmStephanie G. Heavens, soprano
Wed95 pmKendal Conrad
Wed95 pmBig Bone Daddy
Wed95 pmMike Mettalia and Midnight Shift
Wed95 pmMusette Project
Wed95 pmJagaja
Wed95:30 pmDan Wilkins Quartet
Wed95:30 pmPHOTOPASS: Godsmack Concert Photography
Wed95:30 pmFriar's Point Band
Wed96 pmGodsmack
Wed96 pmAnother Day Dawns
Wed96 pmDavey and the Waverunners
Wed96 pmClose Act Theatre presents BIRDMEN
Wed96 pmLike A Storm
Wed96 pmThe Rare Occasions
Wed96 pmEvan Miklosey
Wed97 pmNeil Grover
Wed97 pmMusikfest Wireless Disco
Wed97 pmChrome Pony
Wed97 pmDwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers
Wed97 pmBad Mary
Wed97 pmMiller and the Other Sinners
Wed97:30 pmPhilly Gumbo
Wed97:30 pmStanley Samuelsen
Wed98 pmEric Mintel Quartet
Wed98 pmRichie Ares (the Lionhearted)
Wed98:30 pmCrazy Hearts
Wed98:30 pmThe Rare Occasions
Wed98:30 pmJimmy & the Parrots
Wed99 pmClose Act Theatre presents BIRDMEN
Wed99 pmAlex Mery & the Townsmen
Wed99 pmJoe Grushecky and the Houserockers
Wed99 pmAlbert Castiglia
Wed99 pmSpuyten Duyvil
Wed99:30 pmAvenue 16 Feat. CL
Wed911 pmThe Groove Merchants
Thu1012 pmTioga
Thu1012 pmThe Middle Ground
Thu1012 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Wave & Air Trap Paperweight 8/4-8/13
Thu1012 pmArchitects of Air presented by Think Energy
Thu1012 pmJordyn Kenzie
Thu1012 pmAllegro Dance Studios
Thu1012 pmJohnny's Jukebox Band
Thu101:30 pmBollyX
Thu102 pmHer Majesty's Secret Circus
Thu102 pmThe USA Breakdancers
Thu102 pmBella Magic: Gaia
Thu102 pmThe Rosetta Sisters
Thu102:30 pmJune Divided
Thu102:30 pmKara Hartzell
Thu103 pmJeremiah Tall
Thu103:30 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Flame-worked Pendant 8/5-8/13
Thu104 pmErin Kelly Band
Thu104 pmThe New Paramounts
Thu104 pmThe Middle Ground
Thu104:30 pmHello Dharma
Thu105 pmHank & Cupcakes
Thu105 pmMaradeen
Thu105 pmBilly Bauer Band
Thu105 pmThe BC Combo
Thu105 pmIlya Yakushev and Thomas Mesa
Thu105 pmThe Slicked Up Nine's
Thu105 pmKayla Avitabile
Thu105:30 pmSUM
Thu105:30 pmCraig Kastelnik and Friends with Bernard Purdie on Drums
Thu106 pmDina Hall Band
Thu106 pmToby Keith presented by Ford F-Series
Thu106 pmJimmie Allen
Thu106 pmClose Act Theatre presents PER-Q
Thu106:30 pmMacrame Plant Hanger
Thu106:30 pmCeramic Animal
Thu107 pmSwearingen & Kelli
Thu107 pmSsingSsing
Thu107 pmMusikfest Wireless Disco
Thu107 pmThe Roosevelts
Thu107 pmBelle of the Fall
Thu107 pmMaria Rosé
Thu107 pmHannah Taylor & the Rekardo Lee Trio
Thu107:30 pmLisker-Horvath Duo
Thu107:30 pmCommon Bond
Thu108 pmThe New York Jazz Exchange
Thu108 pmCory Shelly
Thu108 pmClose Act Theatre presents PER-Q
Thu108 pmNeil Grover
Thu108 pmThe Fabulous Greaseband
Thu108:30 pmPrecious Kid
Thu109 pmThe Vegabonds
Thu109 pmBelle of the Fall
Thu109 pmSlingshot Dakota
Thu109 pmIgor and the Red Elvises
Thu109:30 pmLost in Place
Thu109:30 pmScythian
Thu1011 pmSphynx
Thu1011:15 pmThe Associated Mess at Musikfest
Fri1112 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Wave & Air Trap Paperweight 8/4-8/13
Fri1112 pmArchitects of Air presented by Think Energy
Fri1112 pmMiss Karen’s Dance Studio
Fri1112 pmDanny and Caroline
Fri1112 pmBratwurst Boys
Fri1112 pmThe Lesson Center
Fri111:30 pmSundad
Fri112 pmHer Majesty's Secret Circus
Fri112 pmThe USA Breakdancers
Fri112 pmBella Magic: Gaia
Fri112 pmThe Rosetta Sisters
Fri112:30 pmPorter & Sayles
Fri113 pmAuralai
Fri113 pmQiet
Fri113 pmYoga with Laurel Attanasio feat. Dave Evans on Guitar
Fri113:30 pmWTYT 960 Virtual Battle of the Bands
Fri113:30 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Flame-worked Pendant 8/5-8/13
Fri113:30 pmFlowers for Taco
Fri114 pmJessy Tomsko
Fri114 pmLiz Nordstrom Band
Fri115 pmKyle Lacy and The Harlem River Noise
Fri115 pmThe DeMarina Trio
Fri115 pmHigh Waisted
Fri115 pmKALO
Fri115 pmGrapefruit Cannonball
Fri115 pmJordyn Kenzie
Fri115 pmSarah Ayers Band
Fri115 pmDina Hall Band
Fri115:30 pmDear Anna
Fri115:30 pmPHOTOPASS: The Band Perry Concert Photography
Fri115:30 pmCorinne Mammana Quartet
Fri116 pmClose Act Theatre presents PER-Q
Fri116 pmNalani & Sarina
Fri116 pmChestnut Grove
Fri116 pmThe Band Perry
Fri116 pmJessy Tomsko
Fri116 pmSummer Scouts
Fri116:30 pmThe Bang Group
Fri116:30 pmCreative Doodling
Fri117 pmThe Sofa Kings
Fri117 pmMusikfest Wireless Disco
Fri117 pmIra Wolf
Fri117 pmLou Franco Project
Fri117 pmPat Foran
Fri117 pmSsingSsing
Fri117 pmThe Howling Tongues
Fri117 pmHigh Waisted
Fri117 pmThe LVwithLove ComedyPlatz
Fri117:30 pmFreekbass
Fri117:30 pmThe Silver & Brass Trombone Quartet
Fri117:30 pmSteve Brosky & His Big Lil Band
Fri118 pmKayla Avitabile
Fri118 pmBlack Tie Brass
Fri118 pmClose Act Theatre presents PER-Q
Fri118 pmAuralai
Fri118:30 pmThe Bang Group
Fri118:30 pmThe Lawsuits
Fri118:45 pmThe LVwithLove ComedyPlatz
Fri119 pmMatthew Curry
Fri119 pmIgor and the Red Elvises
Fri119 pmScythian
Fri119 pmRini
Fri119 pmSummer Scouts
Fri119:30 pmSun Parade
Fri119:30 pmHector Rosado Orchestra
Fri1110:30 pmThe LVwithLove ComedyPlatz
Fri1111 pmJulian Fulton and the Zombie Gospel
Fri1111:15 pmManDudeBro at Musikfest
Sat1212 pmTime Gap
Sat1212 pmLehigh Valley Folk Music Society
Sat1212 pmIrish Stars Parker School of Irish Dance
Sat1212 pmSophie Serafino
Sat1212 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Wave & Air Trap Paperweight 8/4-8/13
Sat1212 pmCallout
Sat1212 pmArchitects of Air presented by Think Energy
Sat1212 pmThe British Invasion Years
Sat121 pmGrapefruit Cannonball
Sat121 pmVivace Live String Quartet
Sat121 pmCubbage
Sat121:30 pmAdam Maalouf and Future Tribe
Sat121:30 pmTime Gap
Sat122 pmThe Rosetta Sisters
Sat122 pmFriends at the Falls
Sat122 pmHer Majesty's Secret Circus
Sat122 pmThe USA Breakdancers
Sat122 pmBella Magic: Gaia
Sat122:30 pmThe Minks - All Girl Kinks Tribute
Sat123 pmMAYVE
Sat123 pmDaisy Jug Band
Sat123 pmThe Little Compton Band
Sat123 pmCallout
Sat123:30 pmNistha Raj: Hip Hop Meets the Music of India
Sat123:30 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Flame-worked Pendant 8/5-8/13
Sat124 pmAndrew Mark Schaffer
Sat124 pmFree Range Folk
Sat124 pmWhite Noise
Sat124:30 pmThe Little Compton Band
Sat125 pmAdam Web
Sat125 pmSophie Serafino
Sat125 pmFunky Dawgz Brass Band
Sat125 pmAdam Jacob
Sat125 pmJuice
Sat125 pmJon Stickley Trio
Sat125 pmThe English Channel
Sat125 pmJack Murray and the Blue Tarp Wranglers
Sat125:30 pmFusion Jazz Trio
Sat125:30 pmThe Hammers
Sat126 pmThe American Made Tour - Lee Brice & Justin Moore
Sat126 pmClose Act Theatre presents PER-Q
Sat126 pmMAYVE
Sat126 pmWalker McGuire
Sat126 pmPorter & Sayles
Sat126:30 pmNalani & Sarina
Sat126:30 pmVoirVoir
Sat126:30 pmWire Wrapped Pendants
Sat126:30 pmThe Bang Group
Sat127 pmBlack Masala
Sat127 pmThe LVwithLove ComedyPlatz
Sat127 pmAndrew Mark Schaffer
Sat127 pmFriends at the Falls
Sat127 pmMan About a Horse
Sat127 pmMusikfest Wireless Disco
Sat127 pmFoxtrot & the Get Down
Sat127:30 pmDustin Douglas & The Electric Gentlemen
Sat128 pmEmily Mure
Sat128 pmStrawberry Fields
Sat128 pmMiles Griffith and Dallas Vietty Quartet
Sat128 pmBig Atomic
Sat128 pmClose Act Theatre presents PER-Q
Sat128:30 pmBehold the Brave
Sat128:30 pmThe Bang Group
Sat128:45 pmThe LVwithLove ComedyPlatz
Sat129 pmColin Hay
Sat129 pmTime Gap
Sat129 pmThe Pietasters
Sat129 pmThe Well Wish
Sat129 pmIgor and the Red Elvises
Sat129:30 pmRicky Smith and the Crush
Sat129:30 pmWobblesauce
Sat1210:30 pmThe LVwithLove ComedyPlatz
Sat1211 pmThe Insidious Rays
Sat1211:15 pmThe Improv Comedy Power Hour at Musikfest
Sun1312 pmHALA - Hispanic American League of Artists Dancers
Sun1312 pmPolkadelphia
Sun1312 pmButterjive
Sun1312 pmArchitects of Air presented by Think Energy
Sun1312 pmApril Mae & The June Bugs
Sun1312 pmSharon Plessl School of Dance featuring the Excel Dance Company
Sun131 pmDanny and Caroline
Sun131:30 pmLa Real Academia
Sun131:30 pmButterjive
Sun132 pmHer Majesty's Secret Circus
Sun132 pmThe USA Breakdancers
Sun132 pmBella Magic: Gaia
Sun132 pmThe Rosetta Sisters
Sun132 pmBest of Godfrey Daniels Open Mic
Sun133 pmWaiting for Henry
Sun133 pmJohn Hanifin Band
Sun133 pmJulia Sommer
Sun133 pmFunky Dawgz Brass Band
Sun133:30 pmDina Hall, Dave Fry and the Southside Ramble
Sun133:30 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Flame-worked Pendant 8/5-8/13
Sun133:30 pmDoppelganger
Sun134 pmThe Blue Stones
Sun134:30 pmMotherfolk
Sun135 pmLizanne Knott with special guest, Katherine Rondeau
Sun135 pmMike Dugan's Classic Rock Revue
Sun135 pmClaudia Schmidt
Sun135 pmJason McGovern
Sun135 pmMichael Blume
Sun135:30 pmDan DeChellis Trio
Sun135:30 pmDecoy Clones
Sun135:30 pmErin Kelly Band
Sun135:30 pmPHOTOPASS: Jethro Tull by Ian Anderson Concert Photography
Sun136 pmJETHRO TULL By Ian Anderson
Sun136 pmAdam Web
Sun136:30 pmThe Bang Group
Sun136:30 pmThe Large Flowerheads
Sun137 pmErin Kelly Band
Sun137 pmBehold the Brave
Sun137 pmSwear & Shake
Sun137 pmMusikfest Wireless Disco
Sun137 pmChaise Lounge
Sun137 pmThe Whispering Tree
Sun137:30 pmPhiladelphia Funk Authority
Sun137:30 pmCunningham & Associates
Sun137:30 pmArtsQuest Members Musikfest Fireworks Party
Sun138 pmEmily Drinker
Sun138:30 pmThe Bang Group
Sun139 pmUrban Guerilla Orchestra
Sun139 pmMusikfest Hot Glass Experience: Wave & Air Trap Paperweight 8/4-8/13
Sun139 pmLaura Promiscuo
Sun139 pmPopa Chubby
Sun139 pmThe Blues Brotherhood