Apply to be a part of Musikfest 2024! Musikfest 2023 will be held August 2-11.

Performer Application

Application Deadline: February 29, 2024


Every August, Musikfest presents over 400 performances representing a diverse array of genres, disciplines, ethnicities and genders. Our primary tool to collect submissions is called Sonicbids (linked above). This is a paid service. If you would like to submit to Sonicbids to be considered for Musikfest, there is a $10 fee as well as an account subscription to Sonicbids. This payment ensures your submission will be reviewed and you are guaranteed to receive a status update by the deadline, be it confirmation or rejection for that year’s Musikfest.

Please note, you are not required to utilize this paid submission tool for Musikfest, we have a free form. Utilizing Sonicbids will simply guarantee a reply on your submission status. Sonicbids may also be able to provide tools for growing artists to improve their online presence to venues in your area.

Festival Vendor Application

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