An intro to all things Musikfest

With more than 500 performances across 10 days, the Musikfest experience can seem daunting to a first-timer. Don’t panic, we’ve compiled a list of the basics you’ll need to know in order to properly get your ‘fest on.

The Basics

  • Musikfest 2020 is July 31-August 9
  • “How do I get across the river?” you may ask. Simple. There is a transfer site on each side. Hop on a bus at the transfer site and you’ll be taken to the other side.
  • The easiest entrance strategy is to use our satellite parking lots and shuttle system.

The Performances

  • Only the shows at Wind Creek Steel Stage require tickets.
  • Almost every musical genre conceivable is represented.
  • Stages are called “platzes,” an homage to the city’s Germanic heritage (platz being German for “place”).

The Food

  • Food and drink is available pretty much everywhere and sold using a ticket system.
  • You can buy tickets at every platz.
  • Musikfest has famous beverage mugs. They keep your beverages cold in the hot summer sun, plus you get a discount on beer refills. Also, you’re helping us to reduce waste by using them.

Miscellaneous ‘fest Knowledge

  • ArtsQuest Members get special treatment and benefits at the ‘fest. Become a member!
  • Facebook and Twitter are great ways to get the latest ‘fest news.
  • The very first Musikfest was held in 1984. 182,000 people showed up.
  • The festival is presented by the nonprofit arts organization ArtsQuest. Read more about ArtsQuest.
  • All proceeds from the ‘fest support the Banana Factory, ArtsQuest’s community arts center and gallery in Bethlehem, as well as other nonprofit groups in the region.