Festival Spectacles

Aug. 2-11, 1-11 PM | Guardian Life Insurance Company of America Zinzenplatz (NorthSide)
Aug. 1-11, 1-11 PM | Americaplatz (SouthSide)
Prismatica is an installation comprised of pivoting prisms more than two metres tall (or 6.5 feet), transforming the space into a giant kaleidoscope. The prisms are made of panels laminated with a dichroic film that transmits and reflects every color in the visible spectrum, varying with the position of the light source and the observer. The prisms are mounted on bases containing projectors. As visitors wander among and manipulate the prisms, they will enjoy an infinite interplay of lights and colorful reflections. As the prisms rotate, a variable-intensity soundtrack comprised of bell sounds will play. Conception and execution: RAW Design in collaboration with ATOMIC3. Production: Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, Montreal and Canada.

Shinbone Alley Stilt Band
August 3, 4, 10 & 11, 3:30-6 PM | Provident Bank Main Street
A dynamic ensemble of musicians who parade, dance on stilts and perform various feats of physical and musical dexterity, the 5-7 member ensemble includes saxophones, trumpets, and drums with an occasional trombone, tuba, banjo, or clarinet. Bond Street Theatre’s Shinbone Alley Stilt Band has energized festivals and special events around the world since 1982. The talented ensemble of musicians play an eclectic repertoire of Dixieland, Swing, Rock, Jazz, and Blues, and has delighted audiences in Japan, China, Brazil, Turkey and across Europe and the USA.

Yarn Bombing at Musikfest
Presented by The Knitter’s Edge
August 2-11 | Familienplatz

The Knitter’s Edge staff and community are back to yarn bomb Musikfest again. Stroll through Familienplatz and check out their colorful creations.