The Inclusion Zone

A sensory-supportive space that will provide services, tools and amenities to benefit individuals with sensory-processing difficulties of all ages and abilities.  This space is available for anyone who needs to take a quiet break from the general festival environment.

Locations and Hours:

North Side: Located at NJM Insurance Group Familienplatz
Open daily from 12-8 p.m., with the exception of August 4 (5-9 p.m.).

South Side: Located at SteelStacks playground
Open 12-8 p.m. both Saturdays and Sundays of the festival

The Listening Lounge

A new accessibility feature this year at Musikfest that will feature Silent Sound System headphones, BASSpak technology (a wearable system that allows you to feel the music), and comfortable seating options to support a controlled listening experience for anyone, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing, or those who have sensory-processing challenges!  The Listening Lounge is a dedicated space that will be open during all performances happening at the Air Products Americaplatz at Levitt Pavilion SteelStacks stage throughout Musikfest.

Accessible Viewing Areas

These areas are accessible to persons with disabilities at all Musikfest stages and offer areas for ADA seating. The Wind Creek Steel Stage offers ADA seating at the venue’s soundboard; tickets for this section may be purchased by contacting the ArtsQuest Box Office at 610-332-1300.

Accessible Parking Locations

Based on availability with a state issued placard, accessible parking is available in the following locations:

  1. Conestoga Street (one way)
  2. Lehigh Street (street parking, across from the Wooden Match)
  3. Walnut Street Garage
  4. North Street Garage
  5. Church Street (for Stadtplatz, near the library)

Accessible Transportation

All LANTA Bus stops are accessible for people with disabilities except the Second Street stop on the South Side.  These are the locations of the accessible bus stops:

  1. Broad & Guetter
  2. Lehigh Street

Navigating the North Side from Festplatz to Main Street

There are two ways to get from Wells Fargo Festplatz to Main Street:

  1. Head south on Main Street to loop around to make your way down to Wells Fargo Festplatz.  Along this pathway the street will be closed, and there are also sidewalks on both sides.
  2. Ohio Road is another option, but is very steep and can be very congested with people, and is therefore not the most accessible option.

Food vendors

This year, all food vendors have the option of indicating the allergens that are present in their vendor booth to support special diets and food allergies on a sign that will be posted in front of their vendor booth.  If you are unsure, or have specific questions, please ask the food vendor.


There are sanitary, wheelchair accessible restrooms located throughout the event grounds, at all restroom locations.  Restrooms are cleaned/maintained on a regular basis throughout the event.  On the Southside, flushing toilets are available on the first floor of the ArtsQuest Center.

First Aid

The LVHN First Aid tent locations are indicated on the Musikfest map.  On the Northside, it is located inNJM Insurance Group Familienplatz and in Yuengling Lagerplatz, and on the Southside the location is near the Wind Creek Steel Stage.  Professional medical staff is available to assist anyone with any medical issues that arise.

Charging Stations / Changing Areas

Charging stations will be available to recharge wheelchair batteries, medical equipment, or other assistive technology devices at the Inclusion Zone locations as well as the LVHN First Aid tents.  Changing areas will be available for families and disabled patrons to use for diaper changes, breastfeeding, and other privacy-related activities at these areas as well.

Further Questions?
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