By Claire Gormley & Katherine Rompilla

2023 Musikfest Poster by Maltas Con Leche

Before getting into our ranking, we wanted to celebrate this year’s Musikfest poster painted by the family of artists Maltas Con Leche (MCL). Each member of the family, including the children ranging from ages four to 22, had input on the ultimate design. The creation of this poster reminds us that Musikfest is a place for families to get together and have fun! With its vibrant colors, it’s sure to catch anyone’s eye. 

#10 ) The only way that we could start off this list is with Musikfest’s original poster from 1984. This poster depicts a beer stein with an image of Bethlehem performers and music notes pouring from the top. This OG poster highlights what Musikfest is all about: music and community.

1986 Musikfest Poster by Musselman Advertising

#9 ) Coming in at our ninth spot is the 1986 Musikfest poster. This festive design shows the many layers of Musikfest from its music to its historical relevance. The balloons and confetti floating out of the sheet music represents Musikfest’s guaranteed fun!

2020 Musikfest Poster by Doug Boehm

#8 ) This list wouldn’t be complete without resident artist Doug Boehm’s 2020 Musikfest poster. A poster this unique is only fitting to represent the year 2020, when COVID pushed Musikfest to be celebrated virtually. This sci-fi style poster incorporates historical sites from the Lehigh Valley including the Bethlehem Tannery, Hotel Bethlehem and the Moravian Church. The poster also pays homage to the now demolished Martin Towers with a “Mystery Musician Tower.” This mystifying poster added fun to the uncertain times of COVID.

2006 Musikfest Poster by NURD Inc.

#7 ) In our seventh spot, is the 2006 Musikfest poster. This Fire & Ice theme reminds us of the diverse music genres that the festival hosts. Whether you listen to polka or country, rock or pop, you are sure to find what you love at Musikfest!

2016 Musikfest Poster by Gina Triplett

#6 )The sixth spot on our list goes to the 2016 Musikfest poster by Gina Triplett. This poster’s sunny disposition and creative depiction of music invokes a warm feeling to anyone that views it. The poster uses folk art aligning with the heritage of the Lehigh Valley to depict classic features of the local area. Within the guitar is the Hill-to-Hill Bridge, SteelStacks and some of the many mountains that surround the valley. 

2022 Musikfest Poster by Bart Cooper

#5 ) The fifth poster of our list might be the most heartwarming poster of them all! Bart Cooper’s 2022 Musikfest poster depicts a father and daughter enjoying the festival on a sunny day. Cooper’s mixed media poster is based on a photograph of a real-life daddy-daughter duo that attend the festival every year. The pair are standing in front of the SteelStacks and blast furnaces, showing off a variety of Musikfest merch including a pin of Artie the owl, a Musikfest t-shirt and an iconic Musikfest mug!

2015 Musikfest Poster by Brian Barto

#4 ) Coming in our fourth spot is the Musikfest poster from 2015. This poster’s bright, retro vibe highlights the festival’s rich history as well as its bright future. Featured on the poster is a 1950s drive-in movie marquee that holds the Bethlehem Steel logo, music notes, the iconic Musikfest mug, Artie the owl and more!

2000 Musikfest Poster by Dane Tilghman, poster design by Dorshimer Digital

#3) The third spot on our list is taken by Musikfest’s poster from the year 2000. Straying from most other Musikfest posters, this one is more simplistic in nature. It features a center image of modern art that makes one feel as if they are listening to jazz. The best way that we can describe this poster is calm, cool and collected, which is what everyone will be once they are chillin’ at ‘Fest!

1992 Musikfest Poster by Musselman Advertising

#2 ) The 1992 Musikfest poster takes our second spot. This festive poster features colorful tents and crowds of people scattered across the city of Bethlehem. This poster highlights just how large Musikfest is and how engrained and energizing it is to our city.

2019 Musikfest Poster by Jessica Bastidas

#1 ) Coming in at our top spot, is the 2019 Musikfest poster by Jessica Bastidas! This poster encapsulates the history and legacy of Bethlehem Steel, including the men and women who not only built the city of Bethlehem but also some of the most notable landmarks throughout the country. This poster also features Musikfest’s tents, SteelStacks, instruments, the Moravian star and a display of fireworks to show a convergence of Bethlehem’s past and present. 

Honorable Mentions

2013 Musikfest Poster by David Blank

The 2013 Musikfest poster used bright colors and big crowds to celebrate 30 years of Musikfest. Positioned to show both the North and South Side of Musikfest, this poster shows off the success of Musikfest’s main stage as well as all the free stages that make Musikfest what it is. No other poster could commemorate the success of 30 years of Musikfest!

2012 Musikfest Poster by 401! Creative

We couldn’t conclude our list without mentioning the 2012 Musikfest poster. The guitar case featured on this poster depicts a handful of images related to Musikfest, including the Moravian star, the ArtsQuest logo, and Musikfest’s mascot Artie the Owl. 2012 was the year of Artie’s soft launch. While he was not formally announced until 2013, this poster was his first-ever appearance. Our beloved Artie has been on every Musikfest poster since 2012. His varied appearance on the Musikfest posters has created an annual game of “Where’s Artie?” 

2021 Musikfest Poster by Mandy Martin

The 2021 Musikfest poster is so beautiful we couldn’t bear to leave it off our list. This poster, featuring two poppies front and center, symbolizes rebirth and new growth. Covid was tough for everyone, but this poster reminded us that joy was to come. 

1999 Musikfest Poster by Kyle Glasgow, poster design by Green & Company

Our final honorable mention spot goes to the Musikfest poster from 1999. This 90s, cartoon-style poster perfectly closes out this decade of Musikfest. It’s fun! It’s funky! And it’s all about the music! 


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