Slingshot Dakota


Lehigh Valley, PA | (Indie/Rock)

It doesn’t seem possible that the fuzzed-out rhythms and walls of sound coming from Allentown, Pennsylvania could be produced by anything other than a fully-fledged guitar band. But, all that noise, energy, and fun is the work of Carly Comando and Tom Paterson, the wife and husband duo who together make Slingshot Dakota the little band with the big sound. Combining a robust low-end with sweet and delicate melodies, Carly makes full use of her heavily effected keyboard while also providing vocals that are, in turn, sweet and polished or earnest and raw. Tom fills out the sonic middle ground with his drum kit, knowing just when to hold back, and when to let loose and whale away. It’s a little bit pop; it’s a little bit punk; but it’s 100% fun.

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