We are working diligently to reduce our carbon footprint, not only during Musikfest, but throughout the entire ArtsQuest campus. Stay tuned for a full rollout of our Sustainability Campaign! In the meantime, take a look at our efforts to make a positive impact on our environment.

Current efforts to reduce our carbon footprint: 

The Refillable Mug Program  

Through the use of reusable mugs, we avoided the use of 100,599 plastic cups (at all three festivals), 7 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents. This is equivalent to offsetting over 100 gallons of gasoline use!    

  • We sell 30,000+ mugs each year, reducing plastic cup use.  
  • Refillable mugs can be used at any ArtsQuest programming where alcohol is served. 
  • 2022 STATS:
    • Musikfest: Upwards of 70% of all drafts and mixed drinks are poured into our refillable mugs – 115,000 pours in total.
    • Oktoberfest: Over 50% of all drafts and mixed drinks are poured into our refillable mugs – 23,000 pours in total. 
    • Christkindlmarkt: Close to 50% of all drafts and mixed drinks are poured into our refillable mugs – 18,000 pours in total.
    • Upper Macungie Township – We now offer a new refillable mug similar to the Musikfest mug for all events in an effort to offer a sustainable drinking vessel for patrons. 


  • A Zero waste company with a 99.1 diversion rate, the UL Gold Standard with a motto of re-use, re-purpose, re-cycle.
  • Since 2011, their founder is passionate about protecting the planet and its people.
  • Musikfest Statistic – Since 1993, 36 million cups have been diverted, based on 800,000 mugs times 4 refills per year.
  • Mugs are made from polypropylene plastic, a highly preferred recyclable plastic.
  • Reducing the carbon footprint – Whirley is in PA so mugs are delivered right within PA, not state to state.
  • Re-use your mugs! – It’s fun, historic and sustainable.

Recycled cardboard from all ArtsQuest programs and events  

  • Between the three festivals we had 90, eight-yard containers emptied. On average, a cubic yard of cardboard can be between 50-100 lbs.  
  • ArtsQuest recycled 54,000 pounds of cardboard across its programs and events. This avoided 77 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is equal to avoiding nearly 200,000 miles of driving in a passenger vehicle!  

LED Lighting 

  • We’ve switched out two dozen light fixtures to LED on campus last year.
  • All parking lots will be updated throughout the summer.

Energy (We use a lot of it) 

  • Tents, Vendors, Beer trucks run every minute. 
  • PPL uses a mix of electricity including renewable (solar/wind) and alternative like large hydrogen and landfill gases, adding up to 18% renewable energy per consumer. We are mindful that we are making progress in this effort.  

Saving trees 

  • In 2021, we eliminated food and beverage tickets, saving $20,000 and 1 ton of paper. 

The Walkability Factor – reducing emissions 

  • Musikfest is a festival that takes place within a very walkable city. In fact, according to the 2020 Census, there are upwards of 30,000 people that live in a one-mile radius of City Hall. Few other music festivals of our size can say the same.  
  • Bike racks strategically placed throughout Musikfest help to encourage more people leaving their cars at home.

Community Impact 

  • Making an impact within all of our communities, allowing for diversity and inclusion by offering over 50% of our programming for free, providing scholarships for participation and direct donations.
  • Offering a diverse performer roster also helps to foster better relationships within the community.  
  • Helping to keep residents here, calling Bethlehem home.
  • Partnering with our cities on recycling initiatives.