Carver Commodore

Sunday, August 4 · view days & times
Venue: T-Mobile Plaza Tropical


Florence, AL based Carver Commodore melds universal elements of indie-pop and alternative rock with their own energy and charm. Formed by vocalist/guitarist Payton Pruitt and guitarist Phillip Blevins in late 2017, the duo joined up with current bassist Daniel Clark and drummer Noah Freeman in early 2018. With some 80+ shows under its belt by the end of 2018, the band cut its forthcoming debut album at The Smoakstack in Nashville. The first two singles "Blind" and "Pathetic Again" released in April 2019, with "Black Plastic" coming in late spring, and their debut LP slated for September. Already on the road in support, the band has plenty of energy for sharing their new music and look forward to many more miles ahead.

Venue Information
T-Mobile Plaza Tropical
Main and Spring Streets (North Side)
Bethlehem, PA 18018
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