Viva Vallenato! Cumbia Band

Friday, August 9 · view days & times
Venue: T-Mobile Plaza Tropical


The Viva Vallenato! cumbia band performs the electrifying folk music of Colombia, South America. The rhythms will make you dance! The accordion will sing to your soul! These heartfelt songs contain the cultural memory of the people with roots in Africa, Native America and Europe. Come dance the cumbia with Viva Vallenato! The group features three gifted musicians from Barranquilla, Colombia: lifelong lead singer and percussionist Hugo Lascarro Sr., his son Hugo Jr. on traditional caja and tambora hand drums and bassist Jose Lozano. Salvatore Carollo plays red hot timbales. Accordionist Phil Passantino formed the band in 2013 after falling in love with the rich music of cumbia, a hypnotic courtship dance created by escaped African slaves, and vallenato, the local storytelling songs of Colombia's Atlantic coast, sung over shimmering accordions and pulsating rhythms.

Venue Information
T-Mobile Plaza Tropical
Main and Spring Streets (North Side)
Bethlehem, PA 18018
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