AMFM: Andy Mowatt's Frequency Movement

Thursday, August 8 · view days & times
Venue: IBEW Local 375 Volksplatz


Imagine the nostalgic bands of your past making music that is fresh again. Modern songs built from your memories. This is the frequency movement. "Consistently stellar" (Price, PA Musician Magazine), "an absolute musical genius" (Devoy, resteraunt, Tellus 360) "jazz-rock flamethrower on guitar" (Campbell, A fusion of New Orleans and Central PA, Mowatt's "bright arrangements keep things sounding fresh" (PA Musician Magazine) and "inspire you to expand your mind and think outside the confines of traditional jazz, soul and funk!" (Robert, Positive Music Reviews). Andy and his group entertain and impress crowds with unique originals and modern twists on classic hits, "and yet, through many influences, each tune retains a sound that is distinctly Mowatt's" (O'Brien, Fly Magazine).

Venue Information
IBEW Local 375 Volksplatz
700 Old York Rd
Bethlehem, PA 18018
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