Matt Wheeler

Sunday, August 4 · view days & times
Venue: Hotel Bethlehem Platz


A troubadour, a poet with a guitar, a stage banter-conversationalist--these are all terms that describe Matt Wheeler's music and performance style well. Matt's songwriting paints pictures with words, often drawing inspiration from classic works of literature or simply spinning new original stories in song. Lyrics and dynamics play a key role, as each song really means something, and each one is delivered with an honesty that is compelling. When playing solo, Matt draws audiences in with engaging stories and interaction, while shining the spotlight on the lyrical strength of his songs. When joined by his band Vintage Heart, the poignant lyrics meet expressive strings and driving percussion to make orchestral folk songs that rewards repeated listens. The result is a pleasing sound that recalls wordsmiths like Denison Witmer, Iron & Wine, and James Taylor.

Venue Information
Hotel Bethlehem Platz
Main Street (North Side)
Bethlehem, PA 18015
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