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Price: Free
Venue: BB&T Jazz Cabaret Stage

Passarinho [português for "little bird"] is a vivacious quartet that performs instrumental music from around the world. Accordionist Dallas Vietty and mandolinist Bryce Milano first met and discovered their musical kinship through the music of Django Reinhardt. Quickly realizing their common musical interests spanned from Bulgaria to Brazil, they eagerly set about to explore them, and the concept for the band was formed. Together, with percussionists extraordinaire, Jim Hamilton and Gregg Mervine, Passarinho seeks to transcend the confines of borders and genre, taking listeners on a journey through the Americas and beyond. Musical chemistry, technical prowess and joyful spontaneity combine to form a unique and unforgettable musical experience every time they take the stage.

Venue Information
BB&T Jazz Cabaret Stage
Frank Banko Alehouse Cinemas (South Side)
Bethlehem, PA 18015
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