Altino Brothers

Tuesday, August 6 · view days & times
Venue: Vesper Concert Series


The Altino Brothers' love for music was fostered both inside and outside of their home. Jean Lecome Altino, who is an amateur pianist, purchased a piano and began teaching his sons his beloved craft. Each morning the Brothers woke up to the sound of their father playing the great masters of classical music, including Mozart. At a young age Nerva and Robenson watched piano greats Vladimir Horowitz, Arthur Rubenstein and Andre Watts on public television which affirmed their decision to become concert pianists. The music scene in New York provided the Altino Brothers with exposure to a variety of music genres including classical, jazz, and R&B. While attending Church, Nerva and Robenson were also inspired by hymns and spirituals. At 18 years of age, Nerva continued his quest for excellence in music by attending Atlantic Union College and studied piano with Dr. Kaestner Robertson, and Roy Imperio. After completing his studies at AUC, he was accepted in the Master's program at the Man.

Venue Information
Vesper Concert Series
Central Moravian Church (North Side)
Bethlehem, PA 18018
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